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by nickobec   March 17, 2012  

Some of us, pride ourselves on the knowledge (or not) of which DS from a small pro continental team is going to perform well each race/stage.

Well how about showing how popular your picks were with other players.

Simple scoring system, once the transfer window is closed, go to pick a team. select "all riders" order "popularity", if one of your riders (the are highlighted to make it easy) is in the 1st 12 spots you score 0, for each rider in the 13-25th spot 1 point per rider, for each rider on the 2nd page (25th to 50th) 2 points, 3rd page 3 points, 4th page 4 points etc.

I do not expect too many people to score above 10. But let us know along with the team performance either score or rank overall.

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big *** FAIL *** at moment as either
1) everybody is tipping Wiggins over Valverde in MSR
2) Nobody is playing MSR after PN
3) the systems does not update the popular picks until after the event

it better be 3

posted by nickobec [261 posts]
17th March 2012 - 11:39


Think its 3 mate, ive noticed that before

posted by TERatcliffe26 [4019 posts]
17th March 2012 - 13:28


It is working now, so for me and all my research and finishing with 91 points =70th with 60 others, 4 out of 5 top star riders, 1 very popular DS (& only one who scored points), 2 in 13-25th place and 2 on page two for 6 obscurity points

posted by nickobec [261 posts]
17th March 2012 - 21:56

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