What am I doing wrong

by leannep   July 7, 2009  

I have recently starting cycling as I am training for a charilty ride next year. I seem to be ok doing approx 15mile but the last few times I have passed out roughly 30 minutes after stopping. I drink lots of water through a hydration pack as it has been very hot and sunny.

Does anyone have any tips on how I can stop this from happening.

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i'm not a doctor but it sounds like good old fashioned sunstroke to me. A light coloured long sleeved top and a wide brimmed sunhat would be my prescription, and keep drinking the water...

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posted by purplecup [233 posts]
7th July 2009 - 10:01


I'm not a doctor but I'd suggest seeing one - or at least call nhs direct.

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posted by TheHatter [811 posts]
7th July 2009 - 15:25


...also you may be a bit low on sugar, my lady has low blood pressure and sometimes she gets faint after she runs, a sugary snack seems to help

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7th July 2009 - 15:45


What do you mean by passed out? Collapsing? Unconscious? Falling asleep?

How old are you? Any medical conditions? Any other symptoms? Ever done high level exercise before? Similar problems?

Don't bother with NHS dire, go to see your doctor would be my advice.

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7th July 2009 - 21:41


I felt a little wobbly when walking and the next thing i know I was on the floor. I'm 29, trying to loose weight, no other symptoms felt absolutely fine when actually cycling and for about 30mins after. Haven't done anything like this before

posted by leannep [9 posts]
8th July 2009 - 17:11


Well done on trying to lose weight!

If it's happened a few times and it's consistently about 30 minutes after exercise and there are no other symptoms it's most likely to be low blood glucose that's causing the problem. If you're trying to lose weight, are you eating enough of the right carbohydrates to keep you going for a training session in addition to normal life? Making sure that you don't go without food for more than a few hours before a training ride and then having a small snack such as dried fruit or a banana when you return should be sufficent to stop this from happening and still allow you to lose weight. If you're already doing these things you certainly should see a dr but I doubt that there's anything seriously wrong.

I presume you're not on any medications, prescription or otherwise?

posted by jb [2 posts]
8th July 2009 - 18:08


No I'm not on any meds. Thanks for the advice, I shall give it a try on my next ride.

posted by leannep [9 posts]
13th July 2009 - 8:25


I'd second the snack immediately after the ride. Honey on warm toast and a cup of tea is my favourite.

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posted by sleepy [7 posts]
16th July 2009 - 10:00