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by Megacountax   March 14, 2012  

After ten years of loyal service I have managed to crack my original On-One Pompino frame

- the one with the 135mm spacing.

Before Christmas I spent a small fortune on some new wheels, so I would like to be able to use the 135mm rear hub on my new frame - On-One don't do a 135mm frame no more.

So I'm looking for a 135mm spaced frame with horizontal drop-outs, drilled for a rear brake, ideally steel, and it needs braze-ons for mud guards and will ideally have a 11/8th headset. Oh yeah, I want it to be cheapish too...

Any bright ideas? Starting to think it doesn't exist.

I use the bike for daily commuting and riding around town, as well as winter training.

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A Cotic Roadrat is 132.5mm so it can be used with 130mm and 135mm rear spacing

posted by euanlindsay [80 posts]
14th March 2012 - 14:13


Surly Cross Check? Also has 132.5 mm spacing.

Impressed that you cracked a Pompino frame. I have two, and think of them as indestructible.

two wheels good; four wheels bad

posted by cat1commuter [1380 posts]
14th March 2012 - 14:23


Could get a Pompino frame and get the stays adjusted to 135mm. Mine was a 135mm spacing which I had 'cold set' (http://sheldonbrown.com/frame-spacing.html) to 120mm so I could use 120mm track wheels without needing such long axles/ so many spacers. Steel is pretty robust and I'd imagine it would be OK to do it - it's only 7.5mm per side. Maybe see what On One say?

edit: should have mentioned, cold setting done by LBS was £20.

posted by homercles [15 posts]
14th March 2012 - 14:30


I've got a 135mm spaced Pompino still up for sale!
(Sorry to pimp my own ad, but it might save you hunting an alternative.)

Completely open to offers if it takes your fancy.


posted by UncleBob [12 posts]
14th March 2012 - 14:42


The Surly Cross Check is great, or you could get a Bob Jackson World Tour built up for about £150 more, to your exact requirements, details of mine here:


I went with a 631 frame, 135mm rear spacing and all the braze-ons, 1" threaded forks but - they will build it with 1 1/8 threadless if you want.

posted by danmitch [9 posts]
14th March 2012 - 16:32


Thanks for the suggestions guys.

I have looked at the Roadrat - could be a good option, but I'd rather have drops than a flat bar, and unless I run an extremely short stem, it wouldn't really work. They used to do a "short" version which would work better with drops, but alas now discontinuted. I do like the look of the Alfine complete - even if it is with a flat bar.

I had thought about "manipulating" a 120mm frame - but discounted the idea as a bodge, but you;re right - should be worth speaking to On One about it.

Cross Check could be ideal - I'd only looked at the Steamroller, but dismissed it for lack of braze-ons.

Cat1commuter - I thought they were indestructable too! I am gutted as it is probably my favourite bike of all time and has stood up to some very rough treatment over the years. I'm going to look at the cost of repairs, but suspect that it will be cheaper to replace.

That Bob Jackson is lovely - you have planted the seed of a very dangerous idea there!

posted by Megacountax [16 posts]
14th March 2012 - 17:11


Thanks for the offer Unclebob - I need something larger unfortunately.

posted by Megacountax [16 posts]
14th March 2012 - 17:12