well yes i too think it is a bit crazy!!!!
we are a group of soldiers all of reasonable cycling abilities planning to do the LeJoG in June this year in a total of 5 days .
i am asking on the forum if anyone has completed this challange and what advice would you give me on the energy drinks and gels and nutrition bars or if there is any suppliers out there willing to assist us in this task
cheers for reading this
yours in sport


londonplayer [621 posts] 6 years ago

ride it john o groats - lands end instead. It's downhill!


Max_Leonard [18 posts] 6 years ago

The Race Against Time, a charity ride, used to do it in five days. I think they've gone to six now, as it was so difficult.


Why not contact them, I'm sure they'll have some advice.

themartincox [553 posts] 6 years ago

HI there Graham

I am doing LeJogLe this year, a few weeks before you in may, with a time of 10 days being the target.

Best advice I could give would be to find stuff that you like!

I use high5's 4:1 carb/protein drinks and bars for training and recovery fuel but to avoid eating the same consistencies all the time it has to be mixed up with a bit of normal food!

bananas and dried fruit i find handy, the baking section in asda is always a good place, i cant remember the manufacturer but they do dried fruit/nut mix which is packed with good calories, fats and proteins - they chewing action as well I find particularly comforting!

gels etc have their place if you need a quick fix but for longer days (10hrs+) you would need a box of them so they aren't practical!

avoid too heavily processed stuff, but a yorkie wont be the end of the world - figure 700 calories/hr for 10-15hrs/day and you are looking at 50,000 calories to be used during the ride, just eat little and often, make sure you like it and it likes you!

give me a shout if I can help!

and enjoy it, its going to be a blast! (no pun intended!)

Martin Thomas [384 posts] 6 years ago

I did the Race Against Time two years ago, in six days. It was reduced from five but I wouldn't let that put you off. A five-day Lejog is a tall order but it's by no means impossible - although you'll need to be lucky with injuries, mechanicals, weather etc.

If you want detailed thoughts it might be best to swap them off the forum if you'd like to email me at mcrthomas [at] gmail [dot] com, but in a nutshell, these would be my top tips:

1). Do lots of training! Bit late for that one now I suppose, but I was lucky enough to have loads of time to build up my fitness before the event and it made a massive difference. I loved virtually every minute of the experience but a few of my fellow riders *really* struggled. In fact one of them didn't finish at all and I know he was beyond gutted about it.

2). Buy the best shorts you can afford. We all had some pretty serious undercarriage pain issues but the people with Assos and the like were a *lot* better off than the cheap 'n' cheerful brigade. Same goes for your other contact points: make sure your shoes fit perfectly (I lost the feeling in one of my toes for over a year after the ride) and use gloves with decent gel padding (my Enduras were pretty good - bit too padded for general use but I really felt the benefit on some of the rougher roads by the time we got to Scotland).

3). Get a support vehicle if you can. You will want to eat a truly astonishing amount of food (we figured we were getting through 9000 calories a day and were all still permanently hungry) and you and your toilet really don't want all that to come from energy bars/gels. We had a transit full of cake, sarnies, flapjacks, bananas etc etc, not to mention gallons of water, energy drinks, recovery drinks (don't forget these!) and tea/coffee. We also had pre-arranged meal & rest breaks at places where our superstar support team had gone ahead and cooked for us. Brilliant if you can set it up. The other thing about the support vehicle is that it'll cut down the time you spend fixing punctures/mechanicals etc. And you want to spend as little time as possible doing that (which reminds me, choose your tyres carefully - I had no punctures at all with my Vittoria Pave Evo CGs but others with lighter, faster tyres had loads, which was a massive pain in the arse, frankly).

4). Do deals. I got a reasonable discount with Mule Bars cos I bought so many (for most of the riders) but I reckon you could do even better with more time & effort. You haven't said whether you're raising any money for charity on this ride but you'll have more leverage with suppliers if you are.

There's far too much information about my ride on my road.cc blog if you can be arsed. But if there's anything in particular you want to ask, do feel free to email me.

I'm so envious! I wish I was doing it again. Good luck!

thepoacherone [1 post] 6 years ago

thanks guys for the advise and encouragement including the person who recons doing the reverse is all down hill to which we all had a good laugh at.
all the other comments are useful and we will be taking onboard so thanks again
P.S. at the moment the ride is being done just for the hell of it
however we are open to idea for a charity ride for the right one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

welshboy29 [17 posts] 6 years ago

Go for it guys by the time you get to day 3 u will just want to eat anything thats in front of u, I know I did. I almost ate the bus I was so starving. Just eat constantly as u will never eat enough. As mentioned High5 4:1 is excellent stuff and just experiment with eating on the move and diff gels and bars etc until u find whats right for u  1