My new frame (BeOne Raw) comes with internal cable routing sleeves for the gear cables. The sleeves extend up out of the holes in the down tube by around 2cm. My question is how do I 'join up' the gear outer with the sleeve?
I'm sure there's an obvious answer that I'm missing that you guys can help me with - I just don't want to do anything rash like cutting back the sleeves until I know how its supposed to work!
thanks for any help.


zoro [1 post] 6 years ago

I have a beone being built up right now. I'll ask my mechanic how he did those cable guides. My problem seems to be the rear brake housing. I've read elsewhere the frame is designed to have regular brake housing threaded through the length of the frame. The front hole however seems to be too small for that. Last night he called asking if I had a specific rear cable stop.
We're you able to thread that housing through or is there in fact a specific rear brake cable stop?
If no, then did you have to drill out that forward hole?
Thanks. I'll let you know how he did those deraileur guides.

TheHatter [770 posts] 6 years ago

Hi Zoro
Thanks for the reply. I managed to get normal (campagnolo) cable housing though the internal routing for the rear brake cable though it is a very tight fit. It took me a while to realise that to 'fish' it out of the frame you first need to unscrew the bolt at the cable exit point - this removes the stopper and makes the hole much bigger so you can get at the cable.

As for the gear cable sleeves I ended up cutting them back into the frame and just butting up the campagnolo cable outers to them - seems to shift fine like this on the stand and I'll be taking it out at the weekend.

Hope this makes - if it doesn't let me know and I'll snap some pics.

HLaB [220 posts] 6 years ago

I'm still to put new cables on my Bianchi (also internal routing) iirc when I looked into it, you use the existing inner to guide the new outer and once that is in place you can feed the new inner through. Sounds simple, I'm sure it aint  7