I have been competing on a sportive today and had the unfortunate incident of coliding with a car down a narrow country lane. I ended up hitting his windscreen and denting his wing.

Apart from cracking my helmet, me and the bike were ok.

Does anyone know what happens about the damage to his car. The guy was fairly insistent it was my fault although i feel it was 50/50 as it was narrow and on a bend. Does your entry fee give you third party insurance?. The ploice were called and they were quiet relaxed about the hole thing


Tony Farrelly [2948 posts] 8 years ago

I'm pretty sure that the organisers will have had to take out compulsory 3rd party cover for all their entrants in order to stage the event, which one was it btw?

However, I'm going to check with a man who knows for sure. So will get back to you with a definitive answer as soon as.

Sounds like you had a lucky escape though - neither of you must have been going that fast. On a narrow country lane don't see how it can have been your fault though simply because if his car is taking up most of the road it's not going to make any difference which side of a non-existent line in the road you were on.

cactuscat [285 posts] 8 years ago

I'd tend to agree. the guy can insist all he wants but if you're coming opposite ways round a bend on a single track road and collide, then it's hard to see even with witnesses how one party could be held responsible over the other: even if one of you were speeding, that's not admissable unless it can be proven. the driver feels like it *should* be your fault because his car is dented. that doesn't mean it is.

Having said that, knowing insurance companies i wouldn't be at all surprised if you get a letter demanding a payout with a threat of court action. that's what they tend to do in these cases: intimidate you to see if you'll pay. forward a copy of any correspondence to the event organiser, and cc them in on any reply. but don't pay. tony's right: they will most likely be insured as a condition of running the event.

Blackhound [461 posts] 8 years ago

Do not know answer, but glad you are OK.

My mate was over for La Marmotte this weekend and a Dutch guy went over the edge on a descent of the Galibier and died on Wednesday or Thursday. RIP.