Hi all

Looking for some advice/thoughts here.
I am thinking about trading up from my Trek 1.2 and was looking at one of these originally


Available at LBS for €1350. While checking this out they offered me a 2011 model Trek 2.5 for €1500.


2012 model retails for €2199 and the only big difference is the paint job.

I was really keen on the Cube as I already own a Cube Nature Hybrid and was impressed with the finish and quality of the brand in general. They seem to provide a better spec than rival brands Trek, Giant etc for the money.

Both bikes have similar geometry, alu frames, carbon forks etc. . The cube has Ultegra apart from brakes and chainset wheras the Trek has full Ultegra.

I don't intend competing on it just staying fit and some local club rides so it will put up a few miles.

Would be great to here from anyone who rides one of these.

Bottom line - help me decide.



Farky [183 posts] 6 years ago

Jeez, no one looking to help tonite is there? Lol

There isn't much between them. Value for money leans towards the full Ultegra Trek. Money wise it's the Cube. There isn't much else between them.

I do thing it's more a matter of personal taste, buy the bike YOU want to have in your garage for a long time. I did. In a similar position, I was looking at the same Cube but the 105 model. Only thing was that I didn't like the white frame and black meant Tagra or more money for this one your looking at. I had a £1k budget and preferred to get pedals in that price. So I bought a Kona Zing Deluxe! Get that! Ok so it was reduced to a silly price with 105 and Ultegra rear, good mix. But it was actually the bike I 'wanted'! That's what sold it, otherwise I've bought the Cube months ago.

Buy what you want as I don't think there is much technology led or design led difference in these two to sway you and your not going to find the advantages anyway if your not racing them to the highest levels. Both seem to have increased height head tubes for comfort as well so an upright position for mileage is achieved on both.

Get the cheaper one and some decent accessories for the difference.

notfastenough [3728 posts] 6 years ago

Unless there's something about the Trek to make you want it more, just go for the cheaper one. 150 euros is a decent pair of pedals and some change for shoes. Even if you had already set other cash aside for them, it's a lovely pair of Rapha shorts or something.

Which is lighter? Which has the better wheels? Which _looks_ faster?

For what it's worth, I would be thinking of the Cube just because I like smaller, 'cooler' brands rather than the corporations, but I say that without any knowledge of the differences between them - maybe the Trek has better finishing kit or something?

Mostyn [400 posts] 6 years ago

CUBE-CUBE, just buy the cube you wont regret it!

I have a GTC PRO and I'd certainly buy another Cube!

Super Domestique [1620 posts] 6 years ago

I know it'd be viewed as the 'boring' answer but ideally test ride both.

russyparkin [570 posts] 6 years ago

cube, cube, cube hands down its all about the cube