Saw a thread yesterday over on STW about what riders carry when out on a road ride.

Thought it would be a good topic here!

I am about to buy a Lezyne smart wallet as it holds much of what I carry. Then just add food and a pump!


VecchioJo [411 posts] 6 years ago

rear left pocket - snacks bars, tube
rear middle pocket - jacket/gillet/Buff (weather dependant)
rear right pocket - keys, money, phone, camera

saddlebag with tyre levers, multi-tool, spoke key, puncture kit, valve extender

pump on frame

dave atkinson [6360 posts] 6 years ago
VecchioJo wrote:

pump on frame

i hope that's

The Rules wrote:

a Silca brand frame pump in the rear triangle of the frame, with the rear wheel skewer as the pump mount nob, as demonstrated by members of the 7-Eleven and Ariostea pro cycling teams


I carry a pair of tyre levers, a Park MTB multitool, a tip top TT02 puncture kit and a spare tube. and a pump (http://road.cc/content/review/39631-birzman-horizons-pump-prestaschrader). everything except the pump fits in a little zip bag my wife's watch came in. plus bars and gels and a gilet in the other pockets. plus my phone and keys and tea money.

themartincox [553 posts] 6 years ago

phone/music and external battery unit in the left
gels and bars in the middle
gillet,buff, cold weather gloves in the right

id and some coins in the pouch on the shorts

1 tube, co2, puncture kit, tyre levers and multitool + emergency gel in saddle pack

On longer rides, 6hrs+, i may carry some drink satchets with me as well for a refill

notfastenough [3729 posts] 6 years ago

Left pocket - flapjacks/banana
Middle - gilet or rain jacket
Right - wiggle neoprene phone case with phone (running strava), cash, door key
Little zip pocket on jersey - 1 x emergency drink tablet (need to buy water to use)

Saddlebag - innertube, tyre levers, puncture repair kit, multi-tool, couple of electrical ties, 1 x emergency energy gel

Pump on frame - fixed via bracket to second set of bottle bosses

Rob Simmonds [251 posts] 6 years ago

All the usual clobber but stashed in a Carradice. I hate riding with bulging pockets. On Tuesday night rides with the local bike shop I've usually got a pair of dirty pants as well, seeing as I've just left work.

notfastenough [3729 posts] 6 years ago

Nice - couldn't you leave them at work for the night?!  4

Bez [620 posts] 6 years ago

Anyone else too paranoid to carry keys/wallet/phone in non-zipped rear pockets?

Can recommend the Rickshaw Pipsqueak (or a slightly larger saddle bag) if you are.

arrieredupeleton [585 posts] 6 years ago

Left Pocket - Phone, ID and money in plastic ziploc bag
Middle Pocket - Rain jacket or gilet
Right Pocket - flapjack or energy bars (seems easiest to get at for a right handed person)

2 x Co2 cannisters, air chuck, tyre leaves, multitool, inner tube, tiptop puncture repair kit, quick-link and couple of zip ties.

Still debating whether to risk no pump on anything but a long ride... if so, on frame.

malmesburyclarioncc [26 posts] 6 years ago

Left pocket, rain jacket or nothing in good weather. Middle pocket, plastic bag containing HTC phone that often freezes and so unless, money, spare tyre leaders and non glue patches (useless) incase I accidently leave saddle pack behind, lense cloth for drying wet glasses, nakd berry cheek bar, tissue for snotty nose, very light retracting cable lock for coffee stop. Right pocket, often nothing. Saddle pack with 3 tubes, Var tyre leave, multitool, front light. Pump attached to water Bottle bolts.

TheHatter [770 posts] 6 years ago

All the usual stuff plus a chain missing link and a pair of disposable latex gloves - sounds weird but if you want to keep your white tape white even after a puncture they're a must.

Raleigh [1667 posts] 6 years ago

My pump fits in my saddlebag.

Oh and you're right, there's probably something in the rules about bulging pockets.

Yorkshie Whippet [637 posts] 6 years ago

Left and right pockets various gels and bars. Middle pocket has keys, gillet/arm warmers/glove liners dependant on weather. Sometimes a multitool if I'm "testing" or GPS if I'm "exploring".
Saddle bag has tube, patches,levers, chain breaker/multitool, spare link and a bit of cash. If the weather is iffy and the wear on the pads is questionable a spare set of pads may find it's way in. (Got fed up of collecting part worn pads in the tool box.)
Pump is mounted with bottle cage.

Never carried a phone in the last 25yrs or so.

nickobec [246 posts] 6 years ago

Saddle pack
2 x Co2 cannisters, air chuck, tyre levers, multitool, 2 x inner tubes, chain missing link a couple of zip ties. and a couple of cone spanners 13, 14, 15 & 17mm for removing wheels on my bikes without QR

Central pocket
ziplock sandwich bag with phone, $ and train pass

Left pocket
ziplock bag with Angina & Asthma medication (never need is last 2.5 years but still carry)

Right pocket

On work days
either add wallet to central pocket and reading glasses to right pocket.
Or use a small handlebar bag, where glasses, wallet, medication and small items of clothing (usually socks & jocks).

srphotos [9 posts] 6 years ago

saddle bag: tyre levels, 2 spare tubes, puncture kit, pump & mini tool.

pockets: 2 bananas, gels & usually 2 plums

matrs [55 posts] 6 years ago

Multitool, c02 canisters, tubes and Tyre levers all kept in an old lid cut off water bottle

giff77 [1297 posts] 6 years ago

Saddle bag: 2xtubes, 2xCO2, multitool, chain tool, powerlink, large metal staple (to slacken chain when fitting powerlink), mini puncture repair kit, debit card & loose change, phone.
Right pocket: gels/bars, banana, xtra sachet for bidon
Centre pocket: gillette/waterproof (depends on weather)
Left: mini pump
Zip Pocket: keys and id/medical info

Its amazing what goes in the saddle bag - a wee mini tardis  1

For longer trips I uses a bar bag as well for gels etc

Commuting: everything ends up in my backpack including work clothes. There is actually an ordr to how it gets packed. No gels though

the_mikey [164 posts] 6 years ago

Saddle bag:

2x replacement tubes, tyre levers, multitool, 3x energy gels, 1x CO2 cartridge, coins/money.

In jerset pocket: Food, waterproof jacket (if it looks like rain), mini pump.

Strathlubnaig [114 posts] 6 years ago

Under seat bag - spare tube, levers, spoke key, patches, multitool

Jersey pockets - BB in plastic bag, jacket if may be needed, food, money

Longer rides - tribag on top tube with another tube, food and gels

750mm water/juice bottle with minipump mounted alongside.

Most of us are guilty of breaking rule 29 and 30 but we dont have team cars either.

@Raleigh... see rule 31

The _Kaner [1160 posts] 6 years ago

Under seat Lezyne bag - 2 spare tubes,3 tyre levers,3 spare chain links, Lezyne patch kit house/garage key.

Under seat - Topeak Power 21 multi tool (with chaintool).

Left rear pocket - Walz "The_Kaner" 3 panel cap, Gel flask (mental note need more gels), bars/bananas

Middle pocket - Mini Morph pump, Altura windproof or gilet, LED nightstick

Right Pocket - Soft pouch/lens cloth for eyewear, Waterproof ziplock with spare cash, phone,Cycling Ireland licence, anti hystamines, pain killers, High 5 zero tab

Left wrist- Road ID...it's who I am!

Pretty much same set up even if it's only out for an hour...or 4...  4

OldRidgeback [2896 posts] 6 years ago

Back in the good old bad old days I used to keep whisky in my water bottle when I was commuting across London on my MTB. It wasn't as if I'd drink this every day. I'd keep it for cold evenings when I was at work, well I am Scottish.

One time I was waiting at the lights at the south side of Hyde park and had just taken a little tickle (seriously, a taste and no more to open the sinuses) and this bloke alongside me on his road bike asked me if he could have a quick drink as his bottle was empty.

"Nae problem," I said and handed him my bottle, then watched as he squirted a heavy shot into his mouth, which made him turn purple and cough and splutter.

"Whit's the matter, you no like whisky," I asked, "I ken it's only a blend but it's J&B an no some cooking whisky like Grouse or Bells," I added.

I managed not to laugh. I still wonder what he told his friends afterwards, or if that was one of those experiences he kept quiet.

I am well aware that there's a good chance he reads or contributes to this website.

joemmo [1164 posts] 6 years ago

Base kit: Minipump, tube, patches, patch kit, Park MultiTool, Park levers, spokey, spare chainlinks, Shock pump if on MTB, emergency Haribo minibag.

Commuting extras: backup LED lights, spare batteries for same, charger for Magicshine lights.

Expeditionary supplementals: spare spokes (threaded into a bung inside the seat tube) proper full length pump, chainlube, emergency Haribo sourmix megabag.

zzgavin [193 posts] 6 years ago

Slightly different setups depending on whether its my road bike or my brompton.

I had a Lezyne tool caddy, the silver plastic wallet which I was swapping between bikes, but ended up with a micro saddle bag for my road bike for two reasons. The plastic of the tool caddy made my hip warm and bromptons and road bikes need different tools, plus it tool up a jersey pocket.

So road bike gels and food in left pocket. pump, gilet, hat and gloves in middle. phone and bank card for id, cash and keys on right in neoprene case. My gore ozone windstopper top has four pockets and this is great, better organisation.
Tube and repair kit, plus multitool in saddle bag and a few plasters etc. The Lezyne micro one is silent and solid. Blackburn Mars 4 is mounted at top of seat tube on frame where is fits perfectly, edge500 and cat eye el130 on bars.

Brompton spare tube, another blackburn mars 4, plus the niterider minewt 150, separate battery so that it works with the fold. 15mm spanner for the wheel nuts.
latex gloves and hand wipes too.
The pump and front light are the only things that moves between bikes.

I'm glad it's getting warmer again...

Bobbys boys [76 posts] 6 years ago

Phone and instant puncture fix canister. Travel light!

Although the guy that follows me with a spare bike on the roof is quite useful  4

russyparkin [570 posts] 6 years ago

back pockets, mini pump, mobile phone, small gillet if its looking dubious.

fizik small saddle bag- co2, tube, £20, debit card, tyre lever, door key.

try to avoid carrying anything i dont need

Marauder [275 posts] 6 years ago

Pockets - money, keys, phone (in Wiggle pouch), pump, tyre levers, waterproof.

Saddle bag - inner tube, puncture repair kit, multi tool and latex gloves, during the winter I also try and remember a plastic bag incase I need to sit down where its wet while repairing a puncture.

nick_caton [7 posts] 6 years ago

Lezyne back pocket pouch with tube or two, iphone, very mini allen key and screwdriver set, chain links and minipump in the middle pocket. All tools and pump Lezyne.

Montane featherlight jacket in the left (better in the outside as can pull out whilst riding).

A full gel flask (best £2 ever spent), sachet of 4:1 and High 5 chewy bar(s) in the right pocket.

Did ok for last year's Etape.