n the past I have mixed up time trials, triathlons, duathlons, off road triathlons but this year I am going to concentrate on just time trialling.
I cant afford a dedicated tt bike so it will just be my road bike with a set of profile t2s so if anybody has any other tips apart from training too that would be great.
Main reason for my post though is does anybody have any training programme tips I could use which would help with time trialling. I wont be going over 25 mile TTs so I dont think there is much point just grinding out centurys in training.
I have been riding CX a lot recently which although obviously isn't tting it is a pretty full on 60-90 minute workout.
I probably have about 6-8 hours max training time per week.
Any help much appreciated.


notfastenough [3729 posts] 6 years ago

Suppose it depends a lot on your current abilities/strengths/weaknesses, and the kinds of times you post. Can you elaborate?

(Not that I'm a voice of experience, but I am interested!)

slowclimb [48 posts] 6 years ago

Sort of realised that my weaknesses were running and swimming thats why I've decided to go to just TT  1

My best 10 TT is 25 something so no really fast, Its pretty hilly round here though  3
I think my best 25 was 1.07.
This is going back about 3 years so to be honest I'll be lucky to get close to those for a bit I reckon.

notfastenough [3729 posts] 6 years ago

Well as I say, I'm certainly not the voice of experience, but I suppose I would be looking at the following:

Strength training - Using a turbo or spin bike, warm up first, then work at turning a big gear for 30 and 70 minutes. Maybe supplement with gym work.

Position - Fiddle around to get as comfortable as possible on the tri bars. (Is gym work appropriate here to condition the arms for the effort?) If possible, do this next to a big mirror and try to adopt the 'holy grail' flat back body profile. Do neck stretches to minimise dropping of the head in the aero position during events.

Aero - ok, so you can't afford a TT bike, but what other options do you have? What about aero wheels/skinsuit/helment? Or for negligible cost, smooth aero oversocks, smooth rain cover over your helment and gaffer tape the jersey pockets shut.

Practice - do you have a viable route for practising on? I.e. as few traffic lights/other obstacles as possible, and somewhere you can safely get into the aero position for long enough to train?

Core - I do quite a bit of core strength work and find that helps a lot with stability, handling etc. Can discuss this bit further if you like.

One other thing - when you say you can't afford a TT bike, are you thinking crazy cost like £4.5k or something? In the comments on the article for the new Forme range, Jon Burrage mentions a Felt TT bikes for £1275 or £1600 that sound like good options. I do appreciate that this is still a lot of cash, especially in the current climate. Just thought it was worth mentioning.

Hope this helps!

ilovemytinbred [161 posts] 6 years ago

Because you only have limited time a lot of your riding will be done around threshhold I guess. maybe 2-3x20min at 90-100% FTP a couple of times a week, with a bit of tempo and a bit of endurance too. Later on some short sharp stuff? Ideally you want consistent riding with progression and rest. For example 3 weeks 5 days a week with increasing load, followed by a week of reduced activity to recover. Then build a bit higher in the next three weeks. If you are only starting now maybe start racing asap but target stuff late in the season for your important rides.

Look on timetrialling forum for tons of info from some clued up guys and gals. Also some good deals on TT kit in the classifieds.