Hi All,
whilst I sit here with a smashed up ankle, boredom has taken over...... and the high strength painkillers.

So, thought I would have a look across the internet at the 'far east' frame sites as generated by wheelz's forum thread (good by the way and the frame you have certainly looks the part).  3

Now, one can buy just about any top line frame from our far eastern brothers, Pinnarello, Colnago, Bianchi etc etc... It is getting like the Rolex or Bo**ex issue.

I am getting the vision of pulling up at the next ride on a 1980's Peugeot only to be asked, 'Hey is that a real one?'

There is a serious side to all this - How are the 'real' bike companies going to fight off this threat?
Some people could already be put off buying an 'original' for this reason and how do you buy (with confidence) second hand,,, doesn't take much to get a frame sticker and generic frame number with the theory of a gulable buyer turning up.

It now makes sense of a telephone enquiry I had when I was selling my Kuota, 'Is it a real one mate'?.. Was confused about that question.  7

Any veiws?


Trikeman.  3


notfastenough [3729 posts] 6 years ago

Whole can of worms this - who's to say that wheelz frame isn't a really good bit of kit due to being a very good copy right down to the manufacturing processes? Even though I'd be antsy about buying one myself, I want it to work out for him. But then is there a flip side?- if it holds up does that point to a potential trend where the bottom falls out of the premium market ("why pay for proper pinarello if this is as good?") or does it merely encourage others to take a chance until some less-than-stringent QA causes someone to acquire a lemon and promptly snap it at 45mph on the cat and fiddle?!

Is this even where we turn back to traditional materials in order to be sure of it's origin? Steel built in UK etc.