Surly Pacer for £600 new -- a mistake?

by graemesemple   February 22, 2012  


Would I be right to assume that this price.. .. for a complete Surly Pacer (2011?), is a mistake?

Going rate online is generally £1,100.


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Looks like a decent deal, your link isn't working, had to go find it myself, the site does say

Manufacturer's suggested retail price 1,199.00 GBP

Notice no where does it say a year, So could be earlier than 2011, I'm not clued up on Surly, so did they have a Pacer in 2010?

The only reason i think it might be before 2011 is, the 2012 model is over a grand and the 2011 seems to be around £850

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posted by Gkam84 [9369 posts]
22nd February 2012 - 22:48


Thanks for posting the right link.

I'm not sure how long the Pacer has been made for; I see that the spec on the Active Sports listing appears to be the same as that on the Triton listing.

Might be worth my asking Active Sports what year their model is.

posted by graemesemple [2 posts]
22nd February 2012 - 23:30


Looking at the groupset, it comes fitted with 9speed Tiagra 4500 which is 2007 kit so it's likely to be upto 5 years old.

posted by vinnn [40 posts]
28th February 2012 - 5:40