Bike Crashed

by CrispyDuck   July 1, 2009  

I've been knocked off my bike twice in the last two days. Fortunately bike was OK both times and a few minor scratches.
Is anyone else finding the same at the moment?

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I've noticed more people on the road not paying attention, and that includes more cyclists than usual.

However, the constant in the two accidents for you is you - what were the circumstances?

posted by the-yorkshire-p... [180 posts]
1st July 2009 - 10:14


A left turning car, didn't indicate or look in their mirrors.

A right turning car just suddenly turning, again no indicators.

My "sixth sense" didn't pick either of them up.

posted by CrispyDuck [36 posts]
1st July 2009 - 11:56


Well you might think the driver's concentration had been affected by the heat but as most cars have air con these days that seems unlikely.

Was the traffic fast or slow moving? I've had a couple of incidents like that happen to me in either very slow moving or stationary traffic when someone had suddenly decided to get out of it by diving down a side road and hasn't looked in their mirrors for anyone filtering past on either side before pulling out

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posted by hammergonewest [105 posts]
1st July 2009 - 12:13


so the moral of the story is don't ride the left of cars. or to the right of cars. next up you'll be rammed from behind, then you'll go into someone's boot when their brake lights aren't working

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seriously though i've found people a bit more angry in their cars the last couple of weeks, must be the heat i guess.

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posted by purplecup [233 posts]
1st July 2009 - 12:14


I've had trouble sleeping because it's been warm (and humid)...I'm pretty sure my commute has been a tired blur because of this.

I've found my 'near misses' have come in batches, but they're probably just 'random' hence you've probably been fine for ages and had two crashes in two days.

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posted by ctznsmith [102 posts]
1st July 2009 - 12:26


Hmm, roughly the same number of car drivers seem to be smoking dope at the wheel or driving cars with flat tyres as usual (one of the former and two of the latter on my way in today) so it must be the heat that's making them more inattentive or making their vehicles veer unexpectedly.


posted by OldRidgeback [2580 posts]
1st July 2009 - 14:23