My thoughts so far:

Enjoying it, as much as last season if not more.

Scoring changes, I now go for the win more, than the safety of GC points.

Glad to sent the end of 10 points for Lantern Rouge, goodbye easy points.

Breakaways, I have not tried this year, did not really try last year, more luck than good planning, though with a transfer to spare you can be a gamble.

4 "Star" riders vs GC, PC, KM & 2 * AR last year required more planning and understanding the strengths & weaknesses of all riders. This year load up with 4 PCs for sprint stage not a PC, AR who could sprint and KM & GC with kick to finish inside top 20.

4 "Star" riders is one rule I like to change, at times it does limit the options for a team. There have been times I have 3 stars and couple of decent DSs and then had to spend 10 points on a "star" rider who will do nothing ( or drop a expensive DS, to get a better "star" and a cheaper DS). Sometimes I would like to have 3 stars & 6 DS or 5 stars & 4 DS if the race & values fit.

Banking of transfer, loving it, still need to plan ahead. Tend to use them on "star" riders unlike last year equally split between "star" & DS

Races keep em coming not a fan of Qatar but good live coverage, would of enjoyed Oman, better racing if there was decent coverage. Would of liked Omloop Het Nieuwsblad and Kuurne Brussels Kuurne, but I am a traditionalist.


Wig_Billy [578 posts] 6 years ago

I agree that having to pick 4 Star Riders/5 Domestiques is a bit prohibitive at times, but it's the same for everyone and I'm sure I'll get used to it as the season progresses. I also agree that being able to roll over transfers is a great addition to the game.

One thing I've noticed this year (compared to last year), is that it's very important to get consistent-scoring Domestiques from the start of a competition. This means you can save transfers for Star Riders - who usually score the big points.

Gkam84 [9119 posts] 6 years ago

No a fan of the Star and DS either, but then i wasn't a fan of the restrictive one from each category, Because of the huge gap in price of the Star riders 10.1 - 40 is means that come the grand tours, i will most likely have a star rider who isn't even in the race, just to make the budget then having some DS i've never heard of coming in at 2.5 so i can afford someone decent.

The scraping over the Lantern Rouge for the Last man home is much better, because of the above situation and picking some random, i might just pick up 10 with them rolling home last

Alan Tullett [1570 posts] 6 years ago

Think the balance of types of star riders is going to be more important when we get into long tours. So far most of the racing has favoured the sprinters, but that won't be true soon.

It is hard to choose decent DSs when you need to choose the top few riders in a stage and these have tended to be expensive sprinters, (or will be expensive climbers). 150 points is very restrictive compared to last year, especially when there was usually one cheap star rider due to their being irrelevant to that stage.

A few more points, like 160 at least, might be useful.

STEVESPRO 79 [551 posts] 6 years ago

All in all I think Dave and the team have done a great job with the improvements made...I thought it was a great game last year and I think its an even better game this year,mainly thanks to the rollover transfers...
Its so important now to do your homework and get solid DS`s at the start of a Tour,so freeing up your transfers for the * riders...
The only thing that I would like is a purist team and a transferrable team....not sure if its possible....But `Chapeau` guys and keep up the good work...