Slipping seat post. Sore test icicles.

by singlespeedan   February 17, 2012  

Having recently built a rather lovely singular osperey into a randonneur type bike I am having trouble witht he seatpost. It seems to slip under load, particularly when transporting beer home from the shop in the saddle bag. Any recommendations for a decent seatpost that will not slip and poke the saddle into my test icicles in a most unpleasant fashion? Currently using something not dissimilar to this

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Stupid question, but have your got it tighten up enough?

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posted by Gkam84 [8825 posts]
17th February 2012 - 21:27

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yes cranked up as tight as I could get it.

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posted by singlespeedan [21 posts]
17th February 2012 - 21:28

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I assume you mean the post is slipping down, not the saddle itself moving. I had similar on my Bob Jackson (more info on the issue here ) and fixed it with some carbon seatpost spray. You could also try a grease such as Copperslip which I use on rails / seatpost normally.

Hope this helps - Dan

posted by danmitch [9 posts]
17th February 2012 - 22:13

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