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by notfastenough   February 14, 2012  

So I'd like to get a bit more training in, but time is a bit of a squeeze. Commuting by bike isn't an option, but the gym over the road does have some spinning bikes. I'm wondering whether to join up and try that. Anyone tried them? Are they an effective training tool?

So the question is - (assuming there isn't an organised class at lunchtimes) what options do I have to get some motivational stuff onto the iphone that I could use in lieu of a class?

Turbo trainer DVDs? Any reason why these wouldn't work as well on a spin bike?

Audio - of a spinning class maybe?

Not tried to import a DVD into iTunes - is it difficult?

Thoughts/comments welcome...

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Have you tried/got a turbo trainer at home for in the evenings? Better than a spin bike I would have thought.

To get a DVD int iTunes you need to rip it first. If you are on a Mac then use Handbrake (free app). On a PC, then I don't know!

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posted by othello [337 posts]
14th February 2012 - 13:22


This is my first year with a Turbo - as it was less expensive than a gym membership and I get to keep the Turbo. Previously I went to spin classes which I did enjoy. The main difference I would say is the set up. A spin bike is quite different to being on your own road bike. I did like the spin class and being shouted at by the instructor. The saddels in a gym tend to be like arm chairs in contrast to my road bike. The convieniance of a turbo at home is great.

I use on my Turbo both spin classes from i tunes and DVDs - I do like The 3LTV Training with the Manx best as in my mind I am out on the road in the IOM with them for a spin. It's all in my mind as they would have dropped me out on the road after the warm up!

posted by IOM Paddy [38 posts]
14th February 2012 - 13:43


Bought a Tacx Satori after a knee op and i have to say they are brilliant, better than any gym bike. Big Grin

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posted by stumps [3198 posts]
14th February 2012 - 13:47


Sorry, should have mentioned that I don't have a turbo at home. I suppose I have space, but the noise would be disruptive and again, time isn't usually on my side. I was thinking more about what I could do at lunchtimes. For some reason I find it easier to focus when out of the house as well.

I do have a mac, but hadn't realised that Handbrake is a free app, so maybe the Manx torture DVDs would cover that aspect.

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posted by notfastenough [3705 posts]
14th February 2012 - 14:25


I'd have a look at The Sufferfest too. optimised for phones, good value, good workouts.

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posted by Dave Atkinson [7830 posts]
14th February 2012 - 14:51


Cheers everyone. Following Dave's advice, I checked out the Sufferfest website, to find that they have a 'resources' page for indoor training - loads of videos, podcasts etc here:

In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice, but in practice...

posted by notfastenough [3705 posts]
16th February 2012 - 10:43