Tour de Suise and Criterium Dauphine

by fico   February 13, 2012  

Dave, I'm all for adding the Tour de Suisse to the competition. It's one of my favorite races of the year after the Grand Tours. Could you run the Tour de Suisse as part of the Dauphine? Make them a combo? Just call it Criterium de Dauphine/Tour de Suisse and make it one competition which includes both races? I think that's what happened last year from previous posts. I don't know, though. I think I understood that on the overlap days you could choose riders that are in either of the races and you would get the respective points they scored in the respective race they were in. Please let me know! I think it'd be fun! Smile

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that is what happened last year, yes. and it didn't work, people didn't really get it. so we made the decision not to do it this year.

it's possible that for next year we'll implement a system whereby you can pick a team for both. but for this year it's not going to happen. sorry.

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posted by Dave Atkinson [7276 posts]
13th February 2012 - 21:40

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Phew Whew! My head nearly exploded last year trying to keep tabs on both for the reports Silly

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posted by Simon_MacMichael [7981 posts]
13th February 2012 - 21:49

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I agree, it did get a bit nerdy Nerd with points calculations & comparisons taking centre stage over the cycling for a couple of days....

It doesn't get easier, you just go faster.....maybe

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posted by pward [88 posts]
13th February 2012 - 23:24

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Don't do it...its hard enough trying to get one race right without added complications......

Our maybe I'm just a bit thick...

posted by martyntr [107 posts]
16th February 2012 - 14:03

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It was a great experiment, i enjoyed it, but others didn't so best left out i think Nerd

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posted by Gkam84 [8748 posts]
16th February 2012 - 14:09

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It had me heed battered At Wits End but willing to give it another go

If you must break the law, do it to seize power: in all other cases observe it. Gaius Julius Caesar.

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posted by stumps [2694 posts]
16th February 2012 - 15:41

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