I am interested in buying a pair of good bib shorts. I am looking into Assos F1 Uno S5 but It seems that i am at the edge of of their sizes. I am 1.92 m and Assos sizing chart says XL is 186-190 while XLG 191-195+ . Which would be the correct sizing since that 1.95+ kinda scares me and I do not have the option of trying sizes where I live.

Thank you


Martin Thomas [384 posts] 6 years ago

I have a pair of these. I'm 1.88m and they're almost perfect for me although relatively long and definitely quite loose on the leg. If you have monstrous thighs this won't be an issue but I know I'd be flapping about like a hysterical pigeon trapped in a shed in the XLGs. I reckon the bib could easily accommodate an extra inch or two in height as well. I think the XLs will be fine. Great shorts by the way - easily the best I've ever owned.

EDIT: hold up, just realised we're talking about different shorts. Mine are FI Mille S5. Cut's probably not too different though.

MagicM [8 posts] 6 years ago

I have a pair of the Fi Uno S5s. I think they're bl**dy brilliant.

I'm 185cm and I've got the mediums. I know the website says I should ne a large, and mine are snug (a "racing fit" I think is the proper phrase) so I don't have the problem with baggy legs that Martin Thomas has. I admit, when I'm not on the bike they do feel a bit tight around the shoulders, but the bottom half feel ok. As soon as I'm on the bike, they're fine. In fact they're more than fine. I've ridden numerous sportives and alpine all dayers in them and you just don't notice them, they're so comfy.

I'm pretty slim, 32" waist, so maybe I can get away with the mediums.

In summary, I agree with Martin Thomas in that they're fantastic shorts, but, depending on your body shape, would perhaps go for the large.

Sorry to confuse things!

Correction - my wife has just commented on my sizing. "A 32" waist? In your dreams!" were her exact words. I still maintain I'm slim though.