3 days ago a Rider Down thread got created: http://3HK.r.mailjet.com/C4iM3n1l/erTMK/cnV7k/www.lfgss.com/forum40.html

An incident had happened in Bishopsgate according to Twitter. Little real information came through but an onlooker did signup to less us know the very sad news that a cyclist had passed away and that a coach was involved.

Then, unfortunately this article in a newspaper gave a picture of the bike: http://3HK.r.mailjet.com/C4iM3n1l/erTMK/cnV7n/www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/pub... and the possibility came up... shit, it could be a member of LFGSS or someone we know.

Today that fear was realised: http://3HK.r.mailjet.com/C4iM3n1l/erTMK/cnV7p/www.lfgss.com/thread79525-...

The rider was Henry Warwick, a well-known and respected courier that people have only been able to speak kindly of.

The couriers of London will mark their respect this Friday, as noted on the Moving Target forum: http://3HK.r.mailjet.com/C4iM3n1l/erTMK/cnV7r/www.movingtargetzine.com/f...

Time: Post work

Place: Outside the Foundry

Plan: Go-slow ride to the spot where Henry lost his life

To my memory, there hasn't been a courier death on London's streets since LFGSS began. And they're such a great big part of who we are and what LFGSS is. If you can make the ride, if you wish to pay respects, I'm sure everyone would appreciate it.

This isn't about The Times campaign, or anything else that has happened recently on that front... this is about Henry.

And if you feel the urge to help but don't know how, then generally and I hope it isn't a mis-placed gesture, but London Courier Emergency Fund always welcomes the support we can give: http://3HK.r.mailjet.com/C4iM3n1l/erTMK/cnV7s/lcef.wordpress.com/ you need to email them to make a donation, and then donate via bank transfer. Awkward yes, but if you can give and want to give then it's not really an obstacle. You can email them at londoncourieremergencyfund [at] gmail.com .