With just turning 30, I have decided to upgrade my basic alu framed/veloce 2008 road bike that serves as my only bike. Looking around the best deal appears to be the Planet X SL pro carbon. Would people recommend carbon over aluminium (currently tipping the scales @ 90kg)?
Is the SRAM red version worth the extra £300 over rival? Are there any other bikes around the £1000-1300 mark that people would recommend over the Planet X??

Sorry for all the questions, been looking for about 2 months and always seem to come back to the Planet X, just need to get up there and have a look!



seabass89 [212 posts] 6 years ago

In Cycling Plus Magazine they did a test of bikes in the 1000£ area..

Giant Defy 1 laughed at its opponents and was the clear winner.

The test consisted of Giant defy 1, Olympia Speedy Plus Veloce, Fuji Roubaix, Specialized Secteur Elite, Carrera Virago, and Cannondale Synapse 5.

Some specs:

Giant Defy 1:
Alu Frame (8.87kg for the bike)
Shimano 105 derailleurs and shifters
Tiagra rear casette

Looks like a handy bike allright!

In fairness in that pricerange I don't think theres much difference between carbon and aluminium. Mind though that aluminium will allow for more flex than carbon which I would imagine would make a difference at your weight. But thats an assumption, and not science, so don't take my word for it!

dave atkinson [6360 posts] 6 years ago

funnily enough we just posted a review of the Carrera Virago this am. Stu liked it a lot.

veseunr [262 posts] 6 years ago

Is £1500 stretching the purse a bit?!

Canyon Ultimate AL is SRAM Force and a meagre 7.1kgs or £1400 for Ultegra model at 7.35kgs.

Carbon frames start at £1600.

I love my CF SLX.

Have a look on the Canyon website. The Outlet page has some good bargains.

russyparkin [570 posts] 6 years ago

clearance cannondale, got a caad 10 for 899. stunning, i have a decent selection of bikes and have had various ones over the years, the cannondale is beyond fast its amazing. very light as well, c/p weighed the frame at 1200g the fork 410g. the other carbons tested around it were lowest of 1100g frame and same on the forks. a great platformt to build on(whichi have done)