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by lazyusername   February 5, 2012  

Has anyone bought anything from Tweeks cycles - are they legit ie not another Dave Hinde

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Emphatically legit- though they've only recently got into the cycle market, well established as an aftermarket seller of car parts etc. Not bought anything from them, but I've seen their store (10,000 square feet in Wrexham), very impressive.

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5th February 2012 - 19:38


Yes, I've bough from them before, can't remember exactly what it was as it was a while back, but I had no problems with them.
FYI, they are part of Demon Tweeks, originally a motorsport retailer, been around for years (30 plus that I can remember).

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5th February 2012 - 19:42




They've got a large showroom in Wrexham. Mate rides for them. Ordered a couple of things from them fine, and they've ALWAYS replied to my emails.

And as mentioned, they're a spin off on Demon Tweeks, but for bicycles instead.

posted by Ant [12 posts]
5th February 2012 - 19:49


Thanks. Just need to find some money now...

posted by lazyusername [144 posts]
5th February 2012 - 20:02


they're good. bought a remarkably well-priced set of zipp 303s last year and bought some stuff since. recommended

posted by philallan [14 posts]
5th February 2012 - 21:13


They're great. Local to me and they do a good service. They'll price match too.

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5th February 2012 - 23:20


they are great have ordered tyres and other things for bike, with no problems at all v quick delivery also highly recomended,

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6th February 2012 - 15:47


Wot, no naysayers?! But, but...!

Wasnt aware of these guys, I'll have a look.

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6th February 2012 - 16:58


Strong recommendation. I recently had component failure on a shimano rear derailleur and they dealt with the problem in a very patient, professional and accommodating fashion. four and a half star service (out of five)- there had to be a bit of me contacting them rather than other way round but essentially a very thorough and trustworthy bunch I'd say and very friendly with it. I'd have no hesitation recommending them.

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10th January 2013 - 19:13


I ended up buying a genesis bike from Tweeks on people's recommendations on this thread. Very pleased would recommend.

posted by lazyusername [144 posts]
10th January 2013 - 20:24


Localish to me, very good store and very good service. As someone else has already stated, it was started off the back of Demon Tweeks and if you are into motorsport in anyway shape or form you will know them as a market leader on on-line retailing backed up by a warehouse full of stock and an equally massive store. I would have no problems recommending them to anyone.

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10th January 2013 - 22:57


I bought a pair of sidi shoes from them that were unfortunatley the wrong size (my error).

I enquired about availability of the correct size (c.10days) and decided on a refund instead and sent the shoes back along with over the top returns form they insist on detailing as much.

A few days later having not recived a refund i checked my tweeks account, the shoes had been received and they had begun processing an order for the replacement shoes ignoring the form requesting a refund.

Had i not been looking for this i would have ended up with 2 pairs of shoes (bought them from wiggle instead), and another return to complete at my expense.

It was all resolved after a quick phone call but its not something id expect to have to do. Returns is part of a mail order business!

Another point to consider is the sketchy returns policy they have on their site stating

"Items returned after 7 days from receipt may be subject to a restocking charge of not less than 10%"

Which appears to contradict Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 which states under "rights to cancel" section

"this seven-day working period is the time you have to decide whether to cancel, by law the seller can’t say that you must have returned the goods within this time frame."

combined with the "who pays return postage" section

"No admin or restocking fees should be charged. "

Didn't cause me any headaches in this instance but a nice pair of shoes or wheels returned out side of this window could see you down at least £20+ and having to argue for your cash back.

Probably wouldn't use them again for anything expensive or that i might have to return. I'm not really a fan of customer service 'errors' that keep hold of my money or attempting to make returns into something more difficult or profitable that they should be.

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24th October 2013 - 14:19


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25th October 2013 - 15:10