Anyone who fancies venting their spleen at the most bike-ignorant thing I've seen in a while...


How bout this bit:

"I think that all cycling on major arterial roads, especially at peak periods, should be outlawed on pain of jail, apart from in places without traffic lights and where the motorised speed limit has been brought down to 12 miles an hour. At the same time, I am not completely heartless. Obviously, cycling on pavements should be encouraged."

He doesn't even seem to be being humourous.

Although I do like the fact that the first reply is from Carlton Reid.


Carlton Reid [147 posts] 6 years ago

There was so much in there that was wrong.

There must be a website where motor-myopic hacks go to line up their main points. It ticked virtually all the usual boxes.

I really thought it might be satire. The easonable piece on Turing below it suggested the writer was real.

Scary that somebody genuinely believes all that. When driving behind cyclists he must get the urge to nudge them off "his" road.

SamShaw [268 posts] 6 years ago

I stopped reading it after 2 paragraphs. It's the usual self-indulgent tripe blaming cyclists for all that is wrong with British roads.

How about... get more people cycling, which means... less cars on the road. I still doubt that would make the crumbly old fool any happier as he belches hydrocarbons from whatever (well needed) penis-extension it is the he drives.

notfastenough [3729 posts] 6 years ago

Oh he's real alright - he's one of their regular columnists! Not known for satire either.

I think with cycling on the rise in the UK, the media feel the need to fall onto 'one side' or the other, when what ought to happen is doing away with the 'them and us' mentality.

The Hoggs [3496 posts] 6 years ago

My only quibble – a mild one – is that from a historical point of view it may not be a good idea to cover up for the cruelty and bigotry of the fools who legislated for this country 60-odd years ago.

It is meet to be reminded now and then that our rulers get things hideously wrong

The above cut and pasted paragraphs from the buffoon's comments should be sent to every MP in this country with a comment on about how they treat cyclists nowadays and if they want someone in 60 + years to right the same about them.