Hi All,
going through all my kit here and remembered I had a pair of Schwalbe Marathon Plus's that I will never use. I bought two pairs, one on bike now, and a pair for spare. However, that was about six months ago and I don't think I have enough years left in me to wear out the ones on my bike - they last for ages and it's true to say that the puncture protection is unbelievable - never had a puncture. Anyway, I have a pair for sale in 700x28 good hybrid size. They vary greatly in price but these can be had for £40 the pair.
I don't want to send due to the complications of trying to send tyres but OK for collection from Weston S Mare or Bristol. I work near Bristol Temple Meads so willing to meet up.
Hope they can help someone out.


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joemmo [1164 posts] 6 years ago

Tyres are actually fairly easy to post if you fold them, especially something as rigid as a marathon. Hold them up, twist in the middle to form a figure 8 then you can carefully bring the 2 loops together and tape or tie them together. I wouldn't store them like that but for a couple of days to post they are fine, had several delivered to me like that with no ill effects.