Hi, I'm hoping to get some advice, I'm looking to splash around a grand on a road bike for Summer use. I already have a cx / tour bike for my year round commute and the occasional cx race, what I want is something racey for Summer weekend rides, longer stuff (centuries etc) and perhaps even a beginners road race / TT.

What I don't want is a long headtube'd "cruisey" bike (seem to be all the rage) and it seems that most entry level frames go for this style. I also have no requirement for mudguards, racks or anything other than a couple of bottles.

I want something sharp, zippy and tending to the aggressive, i can use my commuter if i want a comfy armchair

So should I go new or get something a few years old?

I'm also a bit fussy about style and would prefer something colourful - not too keen on the monochrome trend.

If I had a ton of cash my money would go on something like a De-Rosa king.

So any ideas?