Hoping for some advice on potential holiday destinations for a family holiday in France.

We went out for a couple of weeks in 2010 and stayed a week in Annecy and a week in Le Bourg-d'Osians. Whilst I went out on the bike the wife spent time with her mum and our 8 month old son.

We are looking to do another 2 weeks this year and was wondering if people could make any suggestions on where to go. We really liked Annecy as there was plenty to do on and off the bike. Bourg-d'Osians whilst great for cycling was a little on the quiet side. So we would want somewhere with plenty of good cycling and plenty for us to do as a family. I'm conidering Aix-les-bains as it's on a lake, so might be similar to Annecy. Anyone been there? or have other suggestions?

I also want to be with a couple hours drive max of Le Bourge-d'osians so I can do the Marmotte whilst we are out there.