Anybody want to talk tactics, like when to incur the transfer penalty?

Personally I can not see a reason why you should choose to incur the 20 point penalty for an extra transfer. To recover the 20 points the rider will have to finish in the top 5 of the next day. You already have two transfers for the next day, so by my logic you need to pick 3 of the top 5 finishers, otherwise you lose points.

I know the points for GC, Points, KOM and Young Rider jerseys also impact on the points, but other than the 1st couple of days of a race, they are fairly predictable.

Last season I did well by planning ahead, picking climbers who could also sprint on uphill finishes (Uran), often moving in climbing DS the day before the mountain stage, rotating in climbers who could also ITT before stage 19 of the TDF (Peraud - if only I picked Martin over Cancellera for stage 20, would of won the day and top 3 TDF finish).

The changes from 1 GC, 1 PC, 1 KM, 2 AR to 4 star riders will make it harder as you will be swapping out the big value riders more often. Last year TDF I never touched my GC rider, Evans for uphill finishes stage 1 to the end. This year expect no GC or KM riders, just PC & AR in the first week, and constantly swapping between then on stages that suit so less transfers on the DS.

Still I can not justify ever spending 20 pts for a 3rd transfer. Anybody disagree ?


The Hoggs [3496 posts] 6 years ago

It depends if you hit the big green button and bring in the wrong rider by mistake.  20

Otherwise probably not.

nickobec [246 posts] 6 years ago

Yes but you need to hit the big green button and then green confirmation button with the wrong riders in. So it is a bit more than a silly accident to put the wrong riders in your team.

One thing I found in this year's TDU compared to last year races, was how often I transferred "star" riders compared to last years 1 GC, 1 PC, 1 KM & 2 ARs. 7 out of my 10 transfers in the TDU where "star" riders. Where as I would of used a at least 25 of my 40 odd transfers in the TDF on DSs.

Last year in a sprint stage, highly likely a PC would win and other PCs would fill out most the top 10 places. So last year you tried to find which other riders might sneak in to the 10 or so places, which usually meant DSs. This year you can have more than one PC, so for sprint stages you load up on PCs not 1, but 2,3 or even 4. Reverse on climbing stages, don't need a PC, but need GC and/or KM rides so again load up with as many as possible.

So I can see my tactics being keeping a couple of extra transfers in hand, so I can swapped in 4 "star" PC in for sprint stages and 4 "star" climbers (KM or GC) for climbing stages.

Which means how will I pick my DS for 7 day tours?

thefatcyclist [543 posts] 6 years ago

Tictacs, forget about the overall race, concentrate on each stage. I tell myself this and ignore it every day.  26