Does Slim Fit Cycling Clothing exist?

by seabass89   January 25, 2012  

Just wondered,

Is there anyone who knows of a brand that makes "slim fit" cycling clothing?

With my 6 foot, and 64kg I am not exactly one of the more bulky guys on the road and hence -

Small Jerseys ends up looking like bra's as they work their way up my back, and Small Bibs ends up looking like speedo's as they stop halfway down my thighs.

That might be a slight over statement, but you get my point.. How does the schleck brothers cope?!

I have caught drift that italian makers usually have tighter fits - is that right?

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Craft baselayers are cut long and thin, not sure about their other kit. I just got a Santini windproof from Prendas that is cut longer and thinner than typical. It is a real frustration for me too.

posted by amawby [75 posts]
25th January 2012 - 14:52


I'm similar to you - 6'1" and no more than 70 kilos at my strongest.

Medium normally seems the best fit for me, but not always. As you said, sometimes things come up short.
Got a pair of Mavic bibs in medium that are ace, and a Rapha club jersey in medium comes up well; it's a good cut so even though it's not a massively snug fit it doesn't look baggy.

The only italian thing I've got is a Campag longsleeve jersey in medium which not only comes up short, but it's ludicrously tight too. Not going to infer anything about the Italian ego from this. Nothing at all.

posted by bashthebox [764 posts]
25th January 2012 - 14:52


I've found Giordana's stuff to be cut very thin

posted by stereojet [142 posts]
25th January 2012 - 14:59


Forgot to say, I also got a 80s vintage Santini wool top also from Prendas that is very thin.

For the record, I am 6'2" and 68kg.

posted by amawby [75 posts]
25th January 2012 - 15:36


Yes that's generally true about the Italian fitting - but it will cost you.

It tends to be the top of the line stuff from Castelli, Santini etc that is race fit, because basically it is in many cases the stuff they make for the pros.

Giordana I find a little closer to 'normal' fitting (which is why it is one of my preferred brands, as I'm tall but nowhere near as light as you) although it is still on the race-fit side and a bit cheaper than Castelli.

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posted by abudhabiChris [697 posts]
25th January 2012 - 15:46


Not sure if this is your type fo thing but do slim fitting jerseys.

I'm also a big fan of good fitting jerseys. Nothing worst than a sleeve or excess fabric flapping in the wind.

posted by terrance [2 posts]
26th January 2012 - 14:09


As far as Castelli and Northwave are concerned (I've bought stuff from both recently) they tend not to be so much slim fit as just a smaller fit - at 5'10/76kg/39"chest/32" waist I find Castelli shorts in med are fine, but jerseys in large a good fit. Northwave's similar re jerseys - but even then there's some aberrations with both, whereby a medium jersey's about right.

posted by JonD [350 posts]
26th January 2012 - 15:31


You've got 2 inches on me at the same weight but I'm a big fan of race fit.

If you have the cash (or can stalk the PBK website around sale time) take a look at Castelli (longer in the arm than most) and if you haven't aleady the Gore website shows if a bit of kit is 'relaxed' or 'race' fit. Giordana are also a good bet for cheaper bibs with a slim leg that's not too short.

I have generally found that cheaper brands tend to cater more to people who need a little more room in the body, presumably targetting commuters rather than obsessive roadies.

posted by racingcondor [150 posts]
26th January 2012 - 17:41