Hi guys, need some help as I'm completley new to road cycling and looking to buy a half decent bike to get started..

my height is 180cm (5ft 11)
my inside leg is 80cm (31.5 inches)
and my arm length (if I've measured it correctly is 81cm (from my shoulder to tip of my fingers

basically I tried out a Cube attempt in 56cm today and it felt okay for the first time tried out a proper road bike- handlebar position/ seat position/ etc and I had about 1cm clearence of standover height however the sales assistant recommened that an Eddy Meryckx AMX1 bike at 54cm was a better fit altough he had to put a shorter stem on it and I had no standover clearance at all- I'm sure the guy knows his stuff but any other Cube attempt riders with similar measurements to myself and if so based on my measurements would you say the 56cm would suit or is the sales assistant right...

cheers and any help is appreciated...(ps I've tried looking at sights like Sheldon brown and have spent over 3 hours looking into bike sizing on the net but I'm still no further forward ) lol


Gkam84 [9119 posts] 6 years ago

I'm almost the same measurements, although never having tried a cube bike i couldn't tell you about them

I'm currently riding a 55cm frame, I just took delivery of another 55cm frame, but unfortunately its having to get shipped back to America, because they have sent me the wrong spec, so i'm also in the market for a new bike

If you wanted to get everything spot on, there are a couple of bike fitters i know of

Dales cycles, who a few friends have gone to

and Rock and Road who i got fitted with in the past

They are the only ones i know, but i'm sure there are more. They charge for fittings, but then you would be spot on in knowing what size of everything you need

Personally, I'm looking at a range of different bikes, mostly 54's because i prefer the head down ass up style  19 4

nick_rearden [438 posts] 6 years ago

Definitely worth spending on a fitting to get the right size and adjustments. Especially at this initial stage; once you're done correctly you'll have a benchmark for all future fittings. You don't say where you live but Gkam's recommendations are perfectly good for the type of shop that can provide this service. Obviously, it would make sense to find a Cube dealer that offers a professional fitting service.

Gkam84 [9119 posts] 6 years ago

I went by the details on his profile which say he's in Kilbirnie, so one is in Glasgow, about 25 miles away (dales) and Rock and Road are around 50 miles away, but have a better set up as far as fitting goes with one of these systems


Also, frames vary from make to make, here is just an example, no science involved, i put in 800mm to here


They suggest a 52cm frame, now i don't know about anyone else with a 31-32 inch leg, but 52cm would be a bit to small for me, with adjustments, i think i could make it work, but its just an example to so how things vary

Simon E [3296 posts] 6 years ago

Frame sizes and proportions will vary depending on each brand's frame - compact (sloping), semi-compact or horizontal top tube.

Found this on Singletrack:


I'm 5ft11 and bought a 56cm Cube Attempt, as 56cm was my size in specialized road bikes. The 56cm cube was a wee bit small though, had to turn the stem up the way to get the handlebars high enough, and ended up running the seatpost a smidgen higher than recommended.

In comparison, my 58cm Cannondale is almost perfect, although I'm now tempted to run a slightly shorter stem to try and mimic the handling of the Cube.


Take time be confident of your choice before you decide, it's not a purchase that should be rushed.

ladeside09 [4 posts] 6 years ago

thanks a lot guys for you input....I called Dales today and their profesional fitting service is more for tweaking your existing bike for the best fit rather than someone like myself although they said to pop in and they would help me with sizing etc so going in tommorow to look at a few more bikes
I guess the best way really is just to visit as many stores as poss and try various bikes out for size so I'll take my time

I'm fine with the seat tube height etc it's more how to get the right top tube length but i'm sure I'll pick it up eventually -lol

cheers again

joeegg [74 posts] 6 years ago

I am a similar size to yourself and bought a Cube Agree in a 58".
My other road bike was a 54" and according to Cubes sizing i needed a 58" to more or less replicate it.

Mostyn [400 posts] 6 years ago

I have a Cube Agree GTC Pro - 56cm frame by cube measurement! But Cube have short top tube that also slpoes to the seat post! My 56cm, bike would be an actual 53/54cm which is what I need anyhow; and boy do I love riding My CUBE. I suggest you buy a 56-or-58cm in the Cube range that will come in at actual sizes of: 56, = 54cm, and 58,= 56cm.

Hope this helps in some way.