mixing training and commuting

by zzgavin   January 23, 2012  

Hi all
I ride to work about 4 days a week, 7 miles each way on my Brompton, it takes about 35 minutes total, so not slow, but less quick than my road bike. So I get about 60odd miles this way.

I want to start training properly, but all the pre-baked training guides don't account for riding to work. I need to go easy on the way in, as I've a day of work to do. I can go quick on the way home, but I can't easily extend that ride. So I get two proper rides in the week, sometimes just a Sunday run.

Any ideas, I've got an old flywheel turbo that I can use, but how to get the most out of my week is the question and adjust common training plans to account for commuting cycling is my question.

How do other people mix training and commuting?
thanks Gavin

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I commute 7.5 miles each way and since increasing from 3days (45miles) to 5(75 miles) my vo2 max has gone up by ten points and my ability to stay with a fast club training ride has really improved. I plan to increase route to 15miles one way each day and add a c30miles fast training ride one evening and sat morning. When time is limited The key is intensity, keep each commute as fast as possible. Check out The Time Crunched Cyclist, good book IMO that explains how with high enough intensity you can achieve a lot.


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24th January 2012 - 8:47


I also do 40 squat jumps up the stairs as I get to work which counts as my weights session! And then have a protein shake on way to shower


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24th January 2012 - 8:50


Thanks timegan

I bought The Time Crunched Cyclist last year and then got injured doing diy of all things. I'll dig it out again. Thanks for the encouragement

cheers Gavin

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24th January 2012 - 11:08