I am thinking of buying a Rapha wind jacket. My chest is 106 but my hands are 68. So basically I am exactly on the verge between L and XL. At rapha I am size L for a Long sleeve jersey and although the fit is perfect at the body I miss a cm or a cm and a half at the arms length.

Since the wind jacket will be worn as an outer layer what size should I go? If I go for XL will it have too much room for wind to come in and additionaly have wind flaps? L is up to 106 cm of chest while XL suits for people with 113 cm. 7 cms ...

Any opinions?


boardmanrider [100 posts] 6 years ago

I would personally go for the large: that size fits me very well with everything else. Having said that the 'returns' policy with Rapha is very good and the after service is just amazing. I had an issue with my Soft shell and Rapha arranged a pickup, altered the jacket and sent it back for free.

The wind jacket is a great buy, keeps the wind at bay in the morning and folds up into a nice bundle that fits into my jersey pocket.

Brummmie [58 posts] 6 years ago

Personally I'd go for the rain jacket. That way you get everything you need in a 1'er as it were for 20 quid more !