Australian Road National Championship

by Gkam84   January 8, 2012  

My first wrong prediction of the year, not a good omen for the start of the fantasy game, I thought Cam Meyer would be favourite to wrap up the Aussie champs and from reading the results, would have been right up there, but has a DNF along with most of the field 119/140 abandoned

Top 3

1. 5 Simon GERRANS (VIC) 4h07:38
2. 9 Matthew LLOYD (VIC) +2
3. 15 Richie PORTE (TAS) +2

The interesting part was he was leading the sprints and climbing, maybe just spend to much energy to finish the last lap or so Big Grin

Sprint Competition
1. 22 William CLARKE (TAS) 5 pt
2. 14 Mathew HAYMAN (NSW) 2
3. 11 Michael ROGERS (ACT) 1
dnf 2 Cameron MEYER (WA) 14

Hill Climb Competition
1. 5 Simon GERRANS (VIC) 5 pt
2. 9 Matthew LLOYD (VIC) 5
3. 22 William CLARKE (TAS) 4
dnf 2 Cameron MEYER (WA) 14

Useless fact of the day, Ballarat is twinned with my wee village of Ballater Big Grin

*edit* some quick highlights