Hi all,

Just joined the site tonight. *waves* My name is Claire (nickname Faireyfluff or fluff for short - no idea! lol. I used to teach pole until I broke my arm (not pole related), then took up running and got a persistent leg injury and so turned to cycling.

I got my first racer at the beginning of 2011. Loved my Specialized Allez but fell in love with a Cube Axial GTC and robbed a bank to pay for it  1

Done a few sportives and the Bristol-London ride but not really done anything of note for some months now. I commute to work but it's only a short one and as I'm part-time not even that regular.

I plan a full season of sportives this summer so need to get my arse in gear! Anybody know of any good training schedules?

Anyway, look forward to getting to know you all.


P.S. Joined the forum after following for awhile on twitter.


jimmo62 [55 posts] 6 years ago

Start here:


There is a series of 17 or so articles on training for sportives. It's the right time of year to start so good timing....

Work out your goals, then find a local club (plenty around Bristol so you're in luck!) and get used to riding in a group.

And good luck!

andybnk [97 posts] 6 years ago

hiya and welcome aboard! There was a site I used a while ago to work out a personalised plan called www.trainsmart.com, actually works out a personalised training plan for you, downside is that it is quite expensive, but really helped me get back to cycling after a long while off the bike!