My brother in the uk order this rapha LS jersey for me as a christmas present. I received it today and I am a bit concerned about the length in arms and lower part of the body. The fit on the body is perfect although I am a bit concerned if it would shrink.

Since I am new to road biking what do you think of the size. Should i keep it or go to size XL? If i go to XL would there be a problem with air going in?



pepita1 [176 posts] 6 years ago

Get a fabric tape measure and take your chest measurement and your waist. Your height measurement is important too. If u don't have a fabric tape measure, use a long string and then compare against a yard stick or other type of measuring tape. You'll probably need centimeters. Then go to the Rapha website and search for the men's sizing chart and from there compare your measurements. You need to remember that when u r on the bike u will be bent forward so the tail of the jersey should cover your lower back well. Check that the sleeves won't ride up when in the drops or on the hoods(if u r a roadie). Read and follow the washing and drying instructions and the garment should not shrink.

kupepe [29 posts] 6 years ago

Sizing is ok according to rapha. Chest size is right on spot of last cm of Large (106). You think the arms length and forward end of the jersey is ok? I mean if I wore it with a pair of jeans it would end where the belt begins. Should it be so? There would be no problem with having my back exposed or anything.

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