Hello, I have had the flu (fever, severe muscle/joint pain and sensitivity) but am feeling somewhat better and want to get back to training.

Prior to becoming ill (and I don't believe it was due to overtaining) I was working mostly on turbo with threshold intervals 3x's/week, wkend ride of usually 40-45miles, yoga/core type class 1/wk, 50min run 1x/wk, and weights at gym 1 to 2x's/wk, full rest 1x/wk. I was sleeping okay, AM heart rate staying low.

I'd like some help from the forum as to where I should begin as really need to get back to training. It's emotionally, mentally and physically important that I get back on the bike sooner rather than later.

I train using heart rate monitor as I do not have a power meter. Any advice/suggestions will be appreciated, especially from those who have had the flu recently!


P.S. I'm also due for a VO2 retest in about 4 wks so need to get back up to scratch...and I've got a wk of alpine skiing to plow through in the middle of those 4 weeks.


monty dog [465 posts] 6 years ago

Doing 3 sets of threshold intervals is probably over-cooking-it. By all means, do three turbo sessions but mix them up e.g. spinning & drills / threshold / tabita

stuke [335 posts] 6 years ago

Slowly, if it was me I'd have a couple of recovery weeks. Just riding zone 2/3 to get my body use to the load you are going to be placing on it and listen to any feedback it gives you.
I wouldn't focus too much on your VO2 test, if you start pushing too hard too soon you'll just get ill again, it could last much longer and you can then write off a whole season.
Have a couple of weeks of riding and just enjoy it, go skiing and have a laugh then come back and push on.

pepita1 [176 posts] 6 years ago

Thanks for the suggestions. Will b back at it tomorrow. Will have to see if I can handle a full hour on turbo or if I need to reduce time as well. Think I'll try zone 2 steady state before jumping back into intervals.