I am interested in buying a Caad 10. I am 1.92 m with 88 inseam. At Cube Streamer I am size 60 and at Bianchi Via Nirone I am size 61.

Based on these facts can anyone tell me what size I should go for at Caad10 because there is no bike shop with a 58 or 60 sized bike to try out?

Thank you


Fish_n_Chips [515 posts] 5 years ago

What are the top tube lengths of your other bikes?

I'm 186cm and ride a 58cm CAAD10.

You could ride either size but I think you need 60cm
for comfort.

Travel to a bike shop and sit?

I drove 150 miles to sit on two and ended
buying from the shop as they price matched
the Internet price and saved delivery costs.

Saves hassle of returning the wrong sized bike.

(Cheers Drakes cycles!)