American Classic hubs

by bigbaddave   December 19, 2011  

I've just ordered a pair of American classic hubs (Mirco 58 & Road 205) to build onto a pair of Stans Alpha 340 rims.
Has anyone on here got any real world experience of the hubs, as the reviews I've read have been rather mixed!
Bought them as I want to build a nice lightweight pair of wheels, without going for Mavics/Fulcrums et al.

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Please excuse the plug* but did you see the review the did on the Soul S2.0 wheelset?? If you don't fancy the complete wheelset and want to buy your own the Soul Prodigy hubs are available seperately. They would build really nicely on to Alphas.

The Am Classics can be really good - but as you've noticed they're a bit hit and miss...

*I work for Advanced Sports Distribution, Soul's UK distributor.

posted by Adam Buckland_ASD [27 posts]
20th December 2011 - 17:02


Thanks for the reply, shame the AC hubs arrived today, although I will admit I didn't realise the rear is basically a re badged WTB hub..
What weight, drilling & bearings do your hubs have? & most importantly how much are they? Or can I give you a ring about them on thursday when I'm next at the shop?

posted by bigbaddave [3 posts]
20th December 2011 - 21:46

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I've used WTB high end hubs on my mountain bike for 3 years.No problems at all with the freewheel and ratchet engagement system but the sealed roller bearings are an odd size and you pay through the nose for them.Also the bearings have play in them from new,which you can't take out,and the replacement bearings also came with play in them.Not sure if this info applies to your road bike hubs though.Would still recommend the WTB hubs over Hope if there was a price saving.


posted by joeegg [41 posts]
21st December 2011 - 0:36


Hi BB Dave,

I've just sent you an email from via your contact details.

Feel free to give me a call when it suits, I have put my details on the email.

If anybody else would like information please mail



posted by Adam Buckland_ASD [27 posts]
21st December 2011 - 8:53


I've had WTB hubs on one of my mountain bikes in the past, but as soon as I could get rid of them I did!
They're really light & I actually really do like the drive system, but hate the odd size bearings, there's just no need for it at all.
AT least the AC hubs have come with stainless bearings, so they might last a bit longer.
Also, I never had any play in my WTB's in the two years I had them, with either the original or replacement bearings I fitted, so not sure why yours had?
There's no price saving over Hope's with the AC's, just quite a big weight difference & I'm wanting to build a pair of lightweight climbing wheels, so went for the lightest I could afford.

posted by bigbaddave [3 posts]
21st December 2011 - 10:07

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Mine developed play within 3 months of new ,both back and front.
Replacement bearings from Enduro also came with play in from new.The axle had a thread for a nut and lock nut to pressure the bearing but it obviously wouldn't work as the bearing already had play in it.They are a lot lighter than the Hope though.


posted by joeegg [41 posts]
22nd December 2011 - 21:40


I've had 2 pairs of wheels with AC hubs - they do need a little bit more attention than others, but bearings are cheap and servicing is a doddle. I've had some AC420 wheels for 4 years and the hubs have been fine with the occasional tweak. I've built some lightweight CX wheels with Chin Haur hubs (AC copies) too and they've also been fine.
I think you'll find that WTB licence the hub design from AC, not the other way around. Alpha rims are notoriously flexy so spoke tension is critical - they'll probably not be as stiff as a Mavic or Fulcrum IMO (I have Mavic and Campagnolo wheels too)

Make mine an Italian with Campagnolo on the side

posted by monty dog [415 posts]
23rd December 2011 - 18:37

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