First Trainer - Advice Sought!

by davecochrane   December 14, 2011  

Hello all - I'm in the market for an indoor trainer and having initially very much fancied the Revolution, the jet like howl it produces plus the fairly stone age computer are putting me off. I'm also looking at the CycleOps range, but it's irritating that I'll require a spare back wheel with a trainer tyre (although this'll still be cheaper than the Revolution).

Would the latter be a good choice? Will I be able to add a power unit to it later on, once I've been married long enough to avoid immediate divorce for buying it? My interest is triathlon and I have a couple of oly distance and one 70.3 coming up...I'm really keen to get some high quality training done away from the danger of New Zealand's psycho drivers. I also want it to work well in the winter when I move back to my native Scotland next year.

All advice appreciated!!

PS Despite the dodgy driving often seen in NZ, if anyone gets the chance to ride in the lower north island I strongly recommend it. Beautiful.

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Get a LeMond - expensive, but you won't need a different back wheel and they feel SOOOOOO much nicer than turbos. Which means you might actually use it more.

posted by RichTheRoadie [86 posts]
15th December 2011 - 0:14


I'm in Wellington, Dave. I can't recommend the Lemond Revolution highly enough, especially in this semi-summer weather we seem to be getting and riding indoors becomes more necessary than it should be! If you'd like one, email Armstrong Sport have a warehouse full of them here. Cool

posted by harma952 [1 posts]
15th December 2011 - 0:26


Thanks Matt - got some info back from them at your suggestion. The price is a little fierce, although the noise is the major down point for me. I'm looking at the CycleOps Fluid 2 now - super quiet, and half the price delivered from the UK. I hadn't realized what a cult there was around the SUFFERING of the turbo! Awesome! Big Grin

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posted by davecochrane [130 posts]
15th December 2011 - 9:53