bb30 Frameset needs Reaming

by henryrc104   December 5, 2011  

Can anyone help I have a new frameset from abroad i think it needs reaming i have been trying without too much success to get a BB30 bearings fitted, The shop I use regularly has ordered the bb30 bearings in for me and has attempted to fit them to the frame, however he has told me that they are too tight and the frame may need reaming. I should add that the frame has not had bearings fitted previously.

Anyone recommend where i can get this done.



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What frame is it, out of interest?

posted by mr_fox [54 posts]
5th December 2011 - 23:33


BB30 bottom bracket shells should be manufactured to a very tight tolerance. If it is off, I'd say it needs to be returned to the manufacturer for refund or replacement. I doubt that a bike shop would have precise enough tools to ream a BB30 bottom bracket.

two wheels good; four wheels bad

posted by cat1commuter [1425 posts]
6th December 2011 - 8:20