How far do you commute to work (by bike)?

by TRs Blurb n Blog   June 12, 2009  

OK, you have to do this regularly, it doesn't count if you have cycled to work once or cycled past your work on a weekend jaunt plus you have to cycle back the same day to where you started from. Also it has to be current, not 'back in the day'. It will be interesting to see if some of us cover the same route but have never met.

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12 miles each way, 3 to 5 days a week. Whitley Bay to Newcastle via Shiremoor, Battle Hill, Wallsend and along the river to the Quayside. I could ride the C2C route and avoid the traffic but the glass and possibility of a chava ambush doesn't appeal.

re: showers, luckily our place has installed some so that's made things a lot more pleasant. No decent bike parking though so bikes end up stacked around nooks in the office. There's a definite 2 tier system of those who care about their machines and those who don't. Most bikes end up in a tangled pile in the kitchen but the 'do cares' have colonised a few choice spots where you can be sure you won't get your carbon scratched off someone's rusty apollo.

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posted by joemmo [910 posts]
5th January 2011 - 22:17

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9.5 miles each way (4 days a week) look after our little one on Mondays. Three days a week bringing fruit and veg back from good old Leeds market (how could you not!)
Less snow and longer days would be welcome.

posted by BBLeeds [35 posts]
7th January 2011 - 11:55


14 miles each way along the Tyne, 3-4 times a week (depending on the weather - we've had a LOT of snow up here over the past month).

posted by woollee23 [92 posts]
7th January 2011 - 12:49


i ride 4 miles each way with a killer hill to start, then some flats, then another killer hill, before it goes flat again and then the road turns into a small section of Paris-Roubaix lol i try and do this about 4-5 times a week in all weathers.


posted by mandy [86 posts]
8th January 2011 - 19:15


I ride 10 miles each way 5 days a week into the heart of London.. not the most pleasant ride but gets the miles in Big Grin

Have a bit of a hill going back to kingston but all pretty flat!

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posted by xcstu [101 posts]
11th January 2011 - 20:54


In Edinburgh, from pretty much the bypass to just the other side of the centre makes it 5 miles each way. Presently 4 out of 5 days a week, but keen to get that fifth day regularly.

In the dry, daylight, spring/summer/autumn evenings, intend taking the home leg via some loops of Arthers Seat... Liar, really, I wanna.

posted by filthybloke [1 posts]
13th January 2011 - 17:02


12 miles each way

Inward it's almost all down-hill looking down from the hills into the Clyde valley

On the way home it's an exercise in torture designed to reduce the strongest man to tears with only the hot shower and meal to drag me on to the finish

Big Grin

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posted by mad_scot_rider [567 posts]
14th January 2011 - 8:55


Between 25 and 30 miles each way depending on route and frame of mind!
At least 3 times/ week, usually 4 and occasionally 5.

Trowbridge, Holt, Kingsdown, Bath A4 then Bishopsworth (Bristol) either A4 and ring road or cycle path(extra 5 miles).


Trowbridge, Norton St Phillip, Wellow, Combe Hay, Dunkerton, Priston, Chelwood, Dundry, Bishopsworth.

Been doing this since April and am psyching up for the Winter…

posted by Ting [51 posts]
29th September 2011 - 20:53


A monumental 3.5km per day to the station and back. I feel ashamed after looking at some of the distances here. It is on a fold up bike though - that must be worth an extra couple of hundred metres?!

posted by bashamt [20 posts]
30th September 2011 - 18:18


Is this the longest blog? Been going on since June 2009? But my commute 14 miles. Fantastic saved me loads of money and I ride along the Taw in North Devon rain or shine; my work colleagues think I am mad and this makes it even more fun!

posted by SideBurn [873 posts]
30th September 2011 - 19:33


My commute is 9 miles each way. I go along Cycle Route 51 between Bedford and Sandy. Thinking of making it 18 each way a couple of times a week,from Flitwick to Sandy but I don't have the right bike for the road journey!

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posted by Finots [16 posts]
30th September 2011 - 20:33


7.5km to primary place of work; 13.7km to the secondary site (about 2x per week, it's a nicer ride, just means getting up a little earlier).

My colleagues think I'm some kind of superhero, i think bizarrely.

When I tell them it's "only 3 miles between sites" they stop and think - a couple of them have even sorted themselves bikes!

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posted by PJ McNally [591 posts]
1st October 2011 - 10:23

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About 3 miles each way, uphill most of it on the way to work, which makes for a nice easy return home. On nice bright evenings, will take a longer route home of 5-8 miles depending on my mood.

posted by paulfg42 [379 posts]
1st October 2011 - 16:06


I've commuted 2.5 miles each way within Lancaster for the past 5 years, rain or shine, 90% of the route on a cycle path. I used to wish it was a bit longer so the journey could make an impact on my fitness.
My new job starts next week, 26 miles away in Blackpool, one extreme to the other! I'm really going to try cycle it as much as possible to save fuel costs as well as to benefit my fitness. Fortunately it's a very flat route, but I don't think it will take a great deal of rain to persuade me to take the car!

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posted by Richthornton [99 posts]
1st October 2011 - 21:46


5.6 miles each way, but I often add to the outward journey, anything up to 10 miles in the morning.... This totals 60-70 miles of commuting a week Smile

posted by martyntr [116 posts]
2nd October 2011 - 12:23


Cool 30 mile round trip, 3-4 days a week, from Southport to Liverpool. Not when its lashin down though!!

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posted by La Brisa Fresca [46 posts]
2nd October 2011 - 14:29


Currently 11 miles each way, although all on main roads (40/70 limits).

Ride this 3-4 times each week.

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posted by DCLane [29 posts]
2nd October 2011 - 16:00

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12.5 miles each way each and everyday. I live in forest park in bracknell, Berkshire and work in Staines. Ride through ascot down to wentworth golf course then join the a30 pass Virginia water and follow through past egham to Staines. Love it, love it, love it. To spot me I wear arm warmers on a chillin morning!

posted by nickpeters [44 posts]
2nd October 2011 - 19:26


10 miles each way (5 days a week) into London town.. soon to be 20 miles each way when I move to our new house Surprise

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posted by xcstu [101 posts]
2nd October 2011 - 19:46


21 miles each way
tulse hill thru richmond up thru isleworth onto a4
some weeks 5 days a week
faster than the car
all the way thru winter but not on snow days
dont mind the rain

posted by roly [43 posts]
2nd October 2011 - 20:48


Ting wrote:
Between 25 and 30 miles each way depending on route and frame of mind!
At least 3 times/ week, usually 4 and occasionally 5.

Trowbridge, Holt, Kingsdown, Bath A4 then Bishopsworth (Bristol) either A4 and ring road or cycle path(extra 5 miles).


Trowbridge, Norton St Phillip, Wellow, Combe Hay, Dunkerton, Priston, Chelwood, Dundry, Bishopsworth.

Been doing this since April and am psyching up for the Winter…

I'll keep a look out for you, normally do Westbury, Trowbridge, Holt then onto Melksham to Devizes

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posted by stuke [329 posts]
2nd October 2011 - 20:58


About 13 miles round trip in London, adding cr*p drivers and poor air quality and the distance feels a lot longer certain days!


posted by Tripod16 [119 posts]
3rd October 2011 - 19:00


Best be quick, darkness looms! Lights already on for entire journey in and the last bit of return leg. Joy oh Joy!

posted by Ting [51 posts]
3rd October 2011 - 20:12


15 miles each way 5-6 days a week, even when its icy ( (fixed+marathon winters), and especially when its lashing down with rain (I have a secret love of cycling in the rain) legs get twitchy on my days off so do a 15 mile circuit on off days. DRL exposure (front) and dinotte (rear) lights on 24hrs 12 months. (

posted by wyadvd [123 posts]
4th October 2011 - 20:43


7-10 miles each way depending on route. Knaresborough to Harrogate longer route takes back road to Ripley/ Beckwithshaw (scenic route). As often as possible depending on the need for a car during the day for meetings. Work colleagues think I am strange but I don't care - love the bike! Just got a Hope Vision 1 for front and its awesome paired with a Cateye on strobe. Light it all up!


posted by jelder [11 posts]
5th October 2011 - 8:32


i do 35 mile round trip between 4 to 6 time a week between
wilford nottingham to woodhouse nr loughborough

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posted by richard64 [29 posts]
8th October 2011 - 17:37


Between 12 and 20 miles for me. At least 4 days a week. Tends to be closer to 12 in the mornings (I like my bed!) then different routes on the way home. Like to mix up the route or it can get a bit mundane.

posted by mypeloton [5 posts]
8th October 2011 - 19:51


12 miles each way, two or three days each week. Rural location, no street lights for 11 miles. Journey of two half's, first six miles from home on main road, lorries 'n all, fairly flat, just two small hills. Second half, through three small villages, one big hill; much more fun. Coming home on that main road, the last 3 miles are a very gentle up ramp - worst part of the journey!

posted by alanmitchell24 [5 posts]
9th October 2011 - 5:35


currently doing 16-17miles each way 3-4 times a week, or a would be if it wasn't p***ing it down when i wake up!!!

Been trying to stretch the route in a little so i have some climbs. 40m of climbing in 16miles by the most direct route!

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posted by mrmo [1364 posts]
3rd May 2012 - 9:50


I heard of a Professor at Portsmouth Uni who lived in Lynmouth. Caught the ferry every morning across to Yarmouth on Isle of Wight, cycled full length of Isle of Wight to catch Ryde to Portsmouth ferry and cycled to the Uni. Not sure how far but definitely a great commute!! Must have taken hours though Thinking

I bike a pawltry 4 miles on Wed, Thur and Fri and eat the plant with a V8 Merc on Mon and Tues. Over the course of a week my petrol usage and carbon footprint is about the same as if I ran a fuel efficient car every day!! Can't bike every day ... children to deliver.

posted by veseunr [282 posts]
3rd May 2012 - 10:42