Considering a new frameset for 2012; use would be sportives, as a good weather `fast ` bike and continental `Raids` in years ahead. No Racing though!

Currently I have a Van Nic Yukon which is, IMO, a very versatile bike, set up with mudguards for use all year round, used once for Raid Pyrenean. Also have best bike of Viner Mitus carbon, which is very comfy to ride (nearly as smooth as Van Nic) and very responsive. BUT thinking of selling up frameset of Viner and getting either Lynskey R230 or Cooper. From what I can see R230 use profiled / flattened tubes at key points, Cooper is larger diamter tubes...and a lot cheaper.

Any thoughts on either above for described use? I imagine they would both be somewaht more lively a ride than my Yukon but how would they size up to the ride of my Viner? And what about V-Nic Euros instead which seems to get much praise


iOptix [7 posts] 6 years ago

have look at the moda Nocturne or motif, they come out of a factory called Ora where alot of lynskey and other top end ti come out of and are lovely. i have a motif and it knocks socks off my previous ti's from raleigh and litespeed.