Hi folks,

Just read this and wondered how long before this discovery is used to cheat in sport - & could anyone tell if you had used it?



cat1commuter [1422 posts] 5 years ago

Some time before it could be used to cheat. Very few researchers (or, I should say, teams of researchers) around the world would have the ability to do such modifications, and any such kind of gene manipulation in humans will be totally un-approved ethically. Any scientist in the UK would loose their job if they were found out. That's not to say that gene manipulation in humans is not coming, but there's plenty of glory in developing legitimate treatments for serious genetic diseases first. Maybe somewhere in the world there are excellent scientists who are very badly paid, and could be persuaded with money...

If it did happen, how straightforward a test would be would depend on the details of how the genetic manipulation was done. It could be a simple PCR test. If you were caught, it would be a ban for life, because there's no way you could remove it!

(I have a degree in molecular biology.)

Gkam84 [9110 posts] 5 years ago

Would it not be picked up in cycling right away with their biometric passport thing

Fish_n_Chips [513 posts] 5 years ago

Using a virus to insert or switch on genes is risky
As the virus could switch on oncogenes > uncontrolled
growth leading to tumors.

People are even doping in sportives.

I'd rather win on merit, hard word and nutrition.