Hi All,
On my 'normal' road bikes I have Spesh Toupes and Selle SLC's - cracking saddles and can ride for miles in reasonable comfort. However, now the worsening weather is coming I have dragged out the winter blaster, a Boardman Pro hybrid. Great bike and good commuter (Weston Super Mare - Bristol - 20 miles each way). The standard bars are great in the city but once on the open road (A370) the wind kills me being a bit upright, so I fitted a set of TT bars and they are great - much better speed and stability due to the low body and not so knackering into the westerly wind. However, I am now suffering in the 'man bits'  20 . Tried lowering the front of the saddle but that dont work - just start slipping forward. What saddle can be recommended for this style of riding?? Any TT riders?? Any help would be appreciated.

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v_class [28 posts] 6 years ago

depends on your comfort tolerance, I race TT's in aero position with an old style Selle Italia SLR, as the nose of this saddle rolls down it is relatively comfy up to 70 miles.

You could also try the SLR T1 saddle which has more padding or go for the ism adamo.

Find a shop that lets you try and give them a go.

trikeman [309 posts] 6 years ago

Cheers v_class - good advice, will look for the ones you have recommended.
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