More R-Sys Problems

by DaSy   June 10, 2009  

Just spotted this link to an article about a catastrophic failure of a post-recall R-Sys wheel.

As an owner of these wheels, this has made me a tad concerned, I'll continue using my Ksyrium SL Premiums in preference I think..

R-Sys Failure

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posted by ctznsmith [102 posts]
10th June 2009 - 12:45


As yet Mavic have not issued another recall, but you'd imagine that it's on its way - we're talking to them about that

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posted by Tony Farrelly [4178 posts]
10th June 2009 - 13:00


I'll be very interested in what they have to say Tony.

To be honest, I have lost all faith in them now. I have a hill in my area that I regularly ride down (as well as up, though it is purgatory), Streatley Hill, and I generally hit over 50mph, it has a pretty duff surface and a couple of tightish bends for that speed, and the thought of them giving out on that has just about relegated them to wall hangings now!

Luckily my spare set of wheels is some 08 Ksyrium SL Premiums, and they may not be so stiff on hard cornering, and a tad heavier, but they are tough, light enough and more aero.

The down side is I'm left with a £900 set of wheels that I don't trust and that have little or no resale value.

I'd happily swap them for another set of SL Prem's by the way Mavic....

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posted by DaSy [672 posts]
10th June 2009 - 15:42


Yeah you don't want to be pushing that envelope when it bursts Crying

Darned if I do…

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posted by Mr Sock [153 posts]
10th June 2009 - 22:37


I'll be sticking with wheels with steel spokes. Alu ones sound a bit dodge to me too.

But I have enjoyed reading about the new R-Sys Ultimates. Having alu drive side spokes on the R-Sys seemed a bit of a cop out. Nice to know that someone is trying to push the envelope, even though I wouldn't consider buying a pair myself.

two wheels good; four wheels bad

posted by cat1commuter [1397 posts]
11th June 2009 - 8:32


Been speaking to Mavic in France about this, as you can imagine they had plenty to say and we'll be posting a story later

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posted by Tony Farrelly [4178 posts]
11th June 2009 - 15:22


I presume they are shocked that the string they threaded down the middle of the spokes didn't hold it all together!

I hope they do something for those of us who believed in them, it'll be an expensive lesson to learn otherwise. They must be aware that people are going to be unlikely to trust their life to these wheels now.

I know at least 2 other people that have hung them up and put their old wheels back on, just in case.

There is no way I'll be trusting them down the Galibier and the Restefonde in 10 days time (woohoo, I'm going to the Alps in 10 days....d'oh, my expensive wheels are made of spaghetti!).

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posted by DaSy [672 posts]
11th June 2009 - 16:14


there are a few pairs coming up on ebay at the moment...if you have questionnable ethics thats an option. I wouldnt reccommend it though, your wheels may never fail but I couldnt sleep at night. Oddly enough it is bike shops that have started dumping r-sys stock onto ebay.

not all carbon is the same.

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posted by Jon Burrage [1081 posts]
12th June 2009 - 2:08