I wanted to get tickets for the "London Prepares" UCI world cup in the Olympic Velodrome in February. As a member of British Cycling I got access to a pool of tickets released two days in a advance at 09:00 on Tuesday. I started pressing buttons on the website at 09:00, but by the time I worked out how to get tickets for a session other than Thursday, the only tickets I could get were during the day on Saturday. The evening session was sold out by 09:10, possibly earlier!

Today I thought I had another chance of getting tickets for the evening, but I think I left it a bit late. At 10:01 there were none left; they went on sale at 10:00!

So much for following a minority sport! I notice an awful lot of empty seating in the background of photos from UCI World Cups in other countries. A friend of mine was living in Cali, Colombia, and went along to the World Cup there. She couldn't get tickets - because there weren't any. It was free - you just had to turn up - they needed all the spectators they could get. Well, at least I get to see the new velodrome, even if it is only the Saturday day session from the cheap seats.