BMA seeking to ban smoking in cars!!

by giff77   November 16, 2011  

The BMA are wanting to persuade the government to ban smoking in cars. Maybe a good thing. Drivers having one less distraction maybe?Though there are already many toxins from exhaust fumes etc in the car at the best of times. Should their efforts not be better used in persuading people out of cars? And how will it be policed? Though. I don't fancy sharing the road with bad tempered drivers desperate for a fix of nicotine!! Here's the link anyways

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I'm horrified at the thought that they're going so far as to stop people using these things even when alone and affecting no-one else, but still not considering banning their sale completely

I usually let people go to hell their own way - but if tobacco were discovered today ALL civilised countries would make it a controlled substance immediately

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posted by mad_scot_rider [578 posts]
17th November 2011 - 15:30


If there's anything that motorists should be banned from doing in their cars, it's using a handheld mobile phone while driving.

Which they already are banned from, of course - although you wouldn't know it if you spent a couple of minutes on a busy road watching the traffic go by.

Enforcement of that would be a good place to start before moving on to banning something else.

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posted by Simon_MacMichael [9127 posts]
17th November 2011 - 15:54


It's also kind of ironic that there is greater risk from obesity and diabeties than secondary smoke. The odds are pretty high that the youngster in the back seat is overweight and being driven the half mile to school! Or am I just being cynical.

In agreement with you Simon. last night a driver shot out in front of me from a side road, fortunately I was able to swing into the road. If I was a couple of seconds quicker I would have been a mascot on his bonnet. Guess what - he had a phone glued to his ear Angry Angry Angry Lights, hi-v and primary position wasn't going to protect me then.

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posted by giff77 [1117 posts]
17th November 2011 - 17:30

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