Right...this is getting annoying...my Fulcrum 3's, well the front at least, is ALWAYS going out of true!

Anyone else had any problems????


cat1commuter [1421 posts] 8 years ago

That's disappointing. These wheels are on my short list. So I don't have any experience of them, but when reading about the new 2010 Fulcrum Racing 3's 2-way fit I noticed that the front wheel spokes have a new "Antirolling Spoke System, which keeps them perfectly in the aerodynamic position and facilitates servicing operations." So maybe they've changed how they mount the spokes for the new generation?

Might be worth a warranty enquiry?

dave atkinson [6337 posts] 8 years ago

i haven't had any problems with mine, which have done plenty of miles and been fitted on a wide range of bikes. they're still one of my fave mid range hoops, just pipped by shimano's RS80s which give a super ride, though they're not as stiff.

next job this weekend is fitting a set of hutchinson tubeless fusion 2s, and the racing 3s are perfect for that as the inner rim isn't drilled for the spokes. watch this space...