Does anyone use one of these bars or a similar style? Did you pick the same size as a standard road bar or size up so the hoods remain in the same position?



nick_rearden [438 posts] 6 years ago

Hi Dan, I just bought a pair of Noodle bars which I'm supposed to be reviewing for this here site and I went through the same dilemma. First of all bear in mind that in some cases the 'bars are referred to by an outside-to-outside measurement rather than centre-to-centre which for a start would make them sound wider than they really are. I actually went with the size that will in effect move my lever hoods inboard by about 5-10mm I guestimate. My reasoning was that I am going for comfort and the new position on the hoods will probably be nearer to where they should have been anyway. ie I was a wee bit wide on the old bars. I don't think there are any hard and fast rules, though. The main thing is that the shallow drop and flared lower position is lovely and comfy while descending, while the shorter reach - agreed, that part of this is to do with changing to a shorter stem at the same time - gives a more upright position on the hoods. I particularly like the 'squarer' transition from the tops towards the hoods which gives me an extra hand position I really like.