I'm just starting to ramp up my training for the winter season, riding two training rides a week plus planning on from next week, 2 turbo sessions per week.

i know turbo'ing is boring, and it can be hard to keep focused, so Ive been looking into DVD's, such as 3LC.tv's roadracing or time trial, also the tacx sessions. but im unsure if they are just for use with their virtual trainers or not, because im using an elite fluid trainer (not going to spend silly money for something i'll only use as a plan B to real roads!). Does anyone know of any other good ones? Or any good sessions that they use on turbos? I'm looking to trial alot of different things, in order to keep myself focused indoors.


Joe.  26


carlgrz [51 posts] 6 years ago

Visit thesufferfest.com all the pain you will ever need!

PeteH [151 posts] 6 years ago

Hi Joe,

I can maybe help with Tacx as I upgraded my Tacx to a VR version this year and looked into this some.

Tacx do two types of video. There is the hi-tec version (Films VR) which hooks in with their software - on the video they're climbing a hill and the brake automatically increases etc. Clearly this function will only work with Tacx trainers. However I bought a couple of these vids on special offer (training rides with the Schlecks and with Lampre) and I can say that whatever else they come with, they both come with a straight .avi file which I can just watch in a media player. No need for any Tacx software. So if you're prepared to stump up the cash these will work.

The other type is the lo-tec version (Films Cyclotrainers), which I believe is just a straight video with no links to Tacx software. On the face of it these sound ideal for you - my betting is that these will be .avi files also. I'd stress that I haven't had personal experience with these vids but I'm sure if you head on over to the Tacx forums you could find out for sure.

Finally a word of warning - cycling with these vids on is an improvement on no vids at all but is still nowhere like the real thing. Unless maybe you've got a decent 46" screen to view them on!

HTH, Pete

PS - the ones on sufferfest look cheaper though

Bigpikle [94 posts] 6 years ago

Got to be the Sufferfest, as already said.

The addition of the latest Hell Hath No Fury, based around a 2x20 session makes it finally the ideal solution IMHO. There's plenty of others to give different types of workouts to keep it interesting or focus on other elements of development if thats what you're looking for.

Best of all they are <£10....

JoeD [6 posts] 6 years ago

Hey thanks, I've downloaded a sufferfest vid to give it a go..bargain compared to competitors. I'll post on here once ive tried it!