Jon Snow ( a British television broadcaster) is quoted in today's Grauniad as saying

" I had my biological age tested the other day. I'm 57 although technically I'm 64. That's not bad. Cycling."

Hurrah for he, but for all that pain I was hoping to get a tad more than seven years out of cycling for myself - if I don't get turned into bendy-bus jam in the meantime that is .

Any one know about this biological age testing thingie?

Been raining for four days here - I've got cabin fever!


Tony Farrelly [2948 posts] 6 years ago

Does sound interesting - I think basically it's a batch of tests, various bloods, heart, lung function, probably cognitive function too. I always thought that cyclists were supposed on average to be 10 years biologically younger than their actual ages… so mayabe Jon is paying a bit of a price for all that international travel and meetings in smoke filled rooms.

Wouldn't mind having a go myself, I'm 75 y'know and still got all my own teeth!