Im thinking of incorporating power into my training and have been trying to sum up which path to take. SRM, Powertap or one of the new pedal based systems. I am edging towards the powertap route as I want to use it on multiple bikes with the least amount of fuss, but would like others opinions on which route would be the best to take.



Colin Lynch [15 posts] 6 years ago

If you can afford it, can't beat SRM (wireless). Easy to swap between bikes and leaves you free to use whatever wheels you want. So perfect for racing and training for both road and TT. All other systems will leave you at a disadvantage (exept pedal-based systems which are still too new to the marketplace to judge).

andyp [1572 posts] 6 years ago

Yes, SRM if affordable...but I absolutely love my Powertap. Easy to swap between bikes as you say, and I use it for just about everything - commuting, training, turbo/rollers and racing. For the money you can't get better IMO.

Koolstof [4 posts] 6 years ago

Have I already replied to this thread or have you asked this question elsewhere Dan?

In case you've missed my other reply, I will put a shout out for PowerTaps.

As much as I would love a set of SRM for Kudos if nothing else, I can't afford it, and realistically Powertap is just as accurate, as well as being more flexible.

I've only recently realised how easily SRM cranks can be changed between bikes however, which kind of helps a bit, but its always going to be a faff compared to swapping out wheels.

Someone I know (with more money than me) has gone for a Quarq crankset (~£1800) on the race bike, and a dirty rancid second hand powertap which he can swap out between his other rides in between. The whole thing is integrated by an ANT+ head unit. Problem solved. That still left him change compared to the price of a new SRM as well.

I didn't want to tell him that crank based systems will generally record a little higher figures than wheel systems, but actually, psychologically I reckon that can only be a positive when racing.

Anyway, if you wanted to know more about the 2012 powerTap range, PM me as we have them here now for our athletes and I've been given a comprehensive education as to the latest developments.