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by one_bad_mofo   October 26, 2011  

Okay guys, a question for the editorial team. How long should someone who wants to be a contributor to the site wait after submitting a sample review before they simply give up waiting for a reply?

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don't know the answer to that. but guessing that airing your dirty laundry on the forum won't exactly help your cause.

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posted by cactuscat [305 posts]
26th October 2011 - 12:07


I think its staffers only for review but I am only a blogger as opposed to paid member of the road.cc employ.

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posted by jimmythecuckoo [1348 posts]
26th October 2011 - 19:30


Paid??!! Rolling On The Floor
Does my bodyweight in lube'n'luggage count as wages? Thinking

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posted by Rob Simmonds [257 posts]
26th October 2011 - 19:57


Sorry one_bad_mofo it can be quite a long time, cos despite appareances there aren't that many of us. Replying to people who submit stuff is one of the jobs that's right up there on my 'to do' list cos I'm always conscious of the time and effort people put in on stuff they send us but all too often I just run out of time… and then the whole thing starts again the next day.

How long ago did you send it in?

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posted by Tony Farrelly [4201 posts]
27th October 2011 - 14:31


Firstly thanks for the response, it's nice to know you take note of people's posts on the forum. Smile

I e-mailed my test review piece to the write@road.cc e-mail on the road.cc home page on Oct 13. It was a short review of a b’Twin Sport 7 cycling helmet from Decathlon.

posted by one_bad_mofo [33 posts]
27th October 2011 - 15:58